Lithium for Psychosis treatment

We have 56 consumer reports for treatment of Psychosis with Lithium. Psychosis used in 7% of cases.

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Lithium Circle Diagram 4 consumers of 56 reported about Psychosis

  1. Carrie L. Harris says:
    4.5 rating

    Lithium for Mood swings; Psychosis

    I got lithium because of a schizoaffective psychosis. At first I had no side effects, but then it started. Weight gain was one thing, but before that, I was already warned and educated. But not about the tremor that started soon. My hands are shaking every morning, can hardly write anything on the PC. And when I’m excited or stressed out, my hands shake over the day, which I do not know about myself. My doctor says you can not do anything. The lithium level in the blood, which needs to be monitored regularly, is normal. At first, I was also extremely thirsty, could drink all day and was still thirsty, but that has stopped. My mood is balanced, however, do not fall into deep holes, but I can not get to nice heights. My psychotic symptoms, which were never completely gone despite other medications, are very well remedied with lithium.

    Side effects: Tremor; Thirst; Increase in weight
  2. Jason S. Connell says:
    3.0 rating

    Lithium for Psychosis

    quilonorm retard (A) initially made itself felt slightly nausea, then I got my skin problems reinforced again, but they disappeared after 1 month. Now after the third month no side effects and I’m fine.

    Side effects: Nausea
  3. Ginger R. Hebert says:
    3.0 rating

    Lithium for Sleep disorders; Psychosis; Depression

    Amisulprid: strong weight gain (20 kg), severe fatigue, severe loss of libido, difficulty concentrating, withdrawal from friends (people in general) Dominal: good compatibility Lithium: good compatibility My biggest side effect is that I am constantly tired and depressed. But it is not whether it is from Amisulpride comes or whether it is a drug overdose of Dominal 80 mg.

  4. Nancy D. Johnson says:
    2.5 rating

    Lithium for Psychosis; Bipolar disorder

    Diarrhea, stiff neck, circulatory disorders weight gain in zyprexa -30kilo- must say that I have but also in a year again managed to reduce the weight.

    Side effects: Increase in weight