Haloperidol for Psychosis treatment

We have 11 consumer reports for treatment of Psychosis with Haloperidol. Psychosis used in 36% of cases.

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  1. Rebecca J. Schaefer says:
    3.0 rating

    Haloperidol for Psychosis

    With the Seroquel I had no side effects at all – but also very little effect against the psychosis. I got haloperidol under an acute condition – but got epileptic seizures – the effect was fantastic! I got the Neurosil for reassurance – which brought but little. And then I got the Zyprexa which helped me a lot but which made me totally unable to live – I was completely depressed – that’s why I discontinued the medi! ….. and I’m fine and I live fully with my psychosis.

  2. Larry D. Fortenberry says:
    4.5 rating

    Haloperidol for Psychosis

    Hello, I got haloperidol for three weeks when I was in psychiatric hospital. I was admitted to the emergency room because of acute delusions and auditory hallucinations. On the evening of the reception I received haloperidol from the on-call psychiatrist after the admission interview. The dose was set at 5 mg and then increased by 5 mg daily until the target dose for acute treatment, namely 20 mg, was reached. The maintenance dose after symptom improvement should then be 5mg. I had heard of the drug, especially its terrible side effects. Well, and they started with me on the second day. My musculoskeletal system has totally stiffened within a few hours, i. I could barely put one foot in front of the other and my arms could not move properly anymore (so I did not skimp on running). A fellow patient told me I was running around, like a robot. On top of that, somehow, my saliva was always running out of my mouth because the swallowing reflex had stopped. I also had extreme on the face and neck … well, I call it muscle distortion. My head has always somehow thrown back, as if the muscles had been shortened in the neck and I also had moderate twitching in the face. My eyes are constantly twitching, or I’ve just nuzzled my nose – unintentionally! That was bad for me, but somehow I could endure these physical side effects. Do not ask me how, but it worked. What really got me done was the psychological side effects. These have expressed themselves above all by extreme feeling reduction, that is the impossibility to feel. At that time I knew that I should have been sad because I was away from home and that I would have to be happy if my mother or father came, but all of this was not possible. I was totally apathetic and somehow mentally not really present due to the insensibility. My dad has described me as in another world, without any stimuli. Now for the better to haloperidol: The delusions and the voices that I have heard have disappeared after a short period of ingestion. The dosage of the drug is quite simple, because you can take it in the form of drops and thus dose absolutely precise. Three weeks after my admission to psychiatry I was then switched to another neuroleptic, namely Seroquel. I take 800mg of it and am free of complaints. And I sleep like a baby at night! : D LG

    Side effects: Dyskinesia
  3. Sam R. Perez says:
    2.5 rating

    Haloperidol for Psychosis

    Got Haloperidol in Psychiatry for 4 weeks to come down and it was a horror trip, always tired, total feeling (like a zombie), difficulty thinking at all, constant compulsive need to move (could not sit still for 5 min) , could not really talk anymore (like with 2 promille in the blood) and got a spasm in the neck, so that my ear stuck to the shoulder (then went away with Akineton). To make someone calm ideal, but only partially suitable for therapy.

    Side effects: Dyskinesia; Fatigue
  4. Jennifer J. Doolan says:
    4.0 rating

    Haloperidol for Psychosis

    haliperidol taken 4 weeks: positive: very effective negative: side effect: change of nature, robot condition, involuntary zombie, speech lazy, indifference, emotionless, always tired, no drive, disorientation and depression. Amilsupride taken 2 days to convert Halperidol. less side effect except fatigue.

    Side effects: Fatigue