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  1. Andrew M. Johnson says:
    4.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Psychosis; Depression

    It was like this: was released from the clinic (had a caring liberty) for a short time. Then I decided for Solian initially 100mg for 1mt. then to 200mg 1x in the morning, until and with today .. total taken over 5months. However, recently I noticed with fright, since I have increased over this actual short time over 9kg. from 80kg to nearly 90kg., although the home psychiatrist had expressly promised that no weight gain would come about. And now, what happened? I’m definitely starting it off today, feeling so uncomfortable in my skin and body. I now take the Cymbalta for depression (2 capsules) in the morning, with Lamictal 1 tabl. Every morning and evening to keep it at bay. It works reasonably well, but if I’m only too worried, because sometimes I drink too much beer at the exit. Then let’s see how it goes on and I hope it works. so good for a long time :-)!

    Side effects: Increase in weight
  2. Samuel L. Reeder says:
    3.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Psychosis; Depression

    Risperdal: I got Risperdal after an 8 week stay in open psychiatry. I delivered myself due to panic attacks and due to a treatment error by an uncompetitive neurologist. He prescribed anti-depressants for me despite a psychosis and panic disorder, dismissed me and sent me home. After about 4-5 days with the treatment of fluoxetine the panic was so strong that I visited open psychiatry. There I got other medications that did not help me. Only after the stay I changed the doctor who prescribed me Risperdal 2mg. My condition improved rapidly but I got through the 2mg dosage the typical neuroleptics side effects: tremor, restlessness, restlessness of the seat, urge to move, inner restlessness. The doctor dosed down to 1mg and gave me an anti-Parkinson agent. It got better, I was able to work and enjoy life again. The anti-Parkinson means I set off. After half a year, the condition worsened and I went to the doctor only after 1 year and told him that I feel depressed but also have high phases but are normal. Overall, Risperdal a very good drug for me against my psychosis which expressed itself with mental disorder and sometimes total listlessness in life. My conclusion for me personally: I like to take it and it helps me! Cymbalta: I got that after telling my therapist that I’m always up and down but not extreme. Sometimes I felt good, went out, made party had fun alive. 2 or 3 days later, sometimes only a week went bad again, I hid myself in bed and did not want to see anyone and do nothing. Then my doctor prescribed me Cymbalta. At first I yawned a lot, was tired, slept a lot but not so extremely depressed. I was already a little bit better after 1 to 2 weeks. The full effect set ca after 3 to 3.5 weeks one of the morning when I woke up and felt so much energy that I was out all day in fine weather and my hobby the photograph went to. Since the onset of action, I had no more depressive phase and even found another job that I start on 2 February. Side effects at the beginning as mentioned above: tiredness, yawning and loss of libido But everything has settled down. Further side effect until today. Decreased need for sleep. My nights are never longer than 6 o’clock even if I can sleep long. Partly I am already awake at 4 o’clock in the morning because I can not sleep anymore but still in a good mood and joy to start the day. So altogether from my doctor a daring but nevertheless for me personally very good combination that brought me back to life!

    Side effects: Tremble; Unrest; Libido loss; Fatigue
  3. Jessica S. Murray says:
    3.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Psychosis; Mood swings; Depression

    Seroquel I take since about 6 years … since then, the disease has developed so well back that I can say to lead a normal life again. Of course, the combination with Cymbalta and Ergenyl chrono important ..there are also the depression and the mood swings as good as gone … For about half a year, I take Seroquel prolong … it has only brought me to skidding … but it was probably more of my own fear … that it goes wrong with the drug conversion , and a hospital stay is pending … which has not been confirmed and I am in good spirits with Seroquel Prolong all day long, and also not so tired, after a single take in the evening ….

    Side effects: No side effects