Seroquel for Post-traumatic stress disorder treatment

We have 791 consumer reports for treatment of Post-traumatic stress disorder with Seroquel. Post-traumatic stress disorder used in 3% of cases.

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  1. Shayna C. Owens says:
    3.0 rating

    Seroquel for High blood pressure; Heart rhythm disturbances; Post-traumatic stress disorder; Borderline; Depression

    For over 4 months, I have taken the first 3 drugs mentioned above in the clinic. 400-500 mg Seroquel, initially 45, then 30 mg mirtazipine and 1-1.5 mg lorazepam. Initially, heavy weight gain (11 kg), continued hunger for sweets, meanwhile I have lost half of my hair. I have been suffering from hair loss for about 2.5 months, need more sleep and get up very hard in the morning. My liver values have been slightly elevated since taking the medication and must be constantly monitored.

  2. Lois E. Evans says:
    3.0 rating

    Seroquel for A headache; Mood swings; Post-traumatic stress disorder; Sleep disorders

    Ibuprofen: works quickly and comprehensively. Cabinets, the intake due to stomach discomfort but one. Truxal: reassures me very quickly. However, after taking 50 mg per dose, I am not very able to act up to 3 times a day. That’s why I take this drug as a need, and it serves me well. Ergenyl chrono: take this medication for 2 years for mood stabilization. Here I think it is very important that it is taken completely. I tolerate this drug well. Unfortunately, I initially had light weight problems, which I kept under control through sufficient exercise and a protein-rich diet. Seroquel: 200 mg at night. After ingestion, food cravings develop quite quickly. Since I take this drug for the night, I can handle this quite well. The drug works quite fast, so I get through the night without bad nightmares. On the following day I feel well rested, so it does not hinder me during the day. However, I have reduced Seroquel from 300 mg to 200 mg, as I was sleepy for a long time after taking 300 mg the following day.

  3. Marie O. Sthilaire says:
    3.5 rating

    Seroquel for Post-traumatic stress disorder; Borderline

    Hello, I’ve been taking Seroquel (1-1-1 or 2-2-2) and Zolpidem (1/2 tbl for the night) for years. The Seroquel dose will be adjusted to my current condition; more in times of crisis and less in good times. At first I was tired of it during the day, now my body has at least got used to the minimum dosage and I’m fine with it. Because I’m extremely sensitive to noise and in the evening like to start pondering, I get the zolpidem, which I also tolerate well. Best regards!

    Side effects: Daytime tiredness
  4. Angela C. Smith says:
    5.0 rating

    Seroquel for Post-traumatic stress disorder

    I got Seroquel in combination with Tavor because of my DIS. At some point then had 50 mg Reatard for the night without Tavor and everything. Now after weaning I have very strong itching all over my body and on the scalp. It is almost unbearable. I really hope it will go away soon. Because only because, I will definitely not start again. If necessary, I can take a seroquel, but because of itching, I would not call now need. I hope it stops quickly. During the Seroquel therapy, I suffered a lot from my weight gain. It was really 15 kilos that came to it, despite not much food. In addition, it was often impossible for me to get out of bed punctually because I was in such a deep sleep phase that I did not feel well in the morning. It has already made sense by being able to sleep soundly and feeling subdued, but in the long run it’s just not going to be easy if you can keep yourself stable