Fluoxetine for Post-traumatic stress disorder treatment

We have 572 consumer reports for treatment of Post-traumatic stress disorder with Fluoxetine. Post-traumatic stress disorder used in 1% of cases.

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  1. Frances B. Crump says:
    4.0 rating

    Fluoxetine for Post-traumatic stress disorder

    *** General *** Fluoxetine is an antidepressant (SSRI). However, it is also used in diseases other than depression. For example, in case of obsessive-compulsive disorder, bulimia or posttraumatic stress disorder. If you take Fluoxetine, you should not take St. John’s Wort at the same time as it can cause bad interactions. Pregnant women should not take fluoxetine because it can be dangerous for the child. *** Personal Experiences *** I get along well with this medication. The most important thing for me is that it helps against the symptoms of my PTSD (depression, anxiety, flashbacks). For that I also like to accept certain side effects. The side effects are with me trembling hands, weight loss (but I can live well with that) and increased sweating especially at night. As I said, this drug is effective and well tolerated.

    Side effects: Loss in weight; Tremble; Sweat
  2. Shiloh C. Heflin says:
    4.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Post-traumatic stress disorder

    The first few weeks very severe headache and the constant feeling that the body is collapsing. Descriptive tiredness and at night I can not sleep without sleeping aid. However, all this was harmless: The worst is a massive increase in depression, including acute suicidality. In the fourth week, the headache has subsided, but more heart pains occur. The psychiatrist only prescribed me the medication with the indication that it will increase my drive and is not expected to gain weight. As usual, possible NWs were concealed. The suicidality, for which the Medikamnet after research, is very notorious, I was, of course, concealed …