Fentanyl for Polyneuropathie treatment

We have 105 consumer reports for treatment of Polyneuropathie with Fentanyl. Polyneuropathie used in 5% of cases.

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  1. Richard A. Stolle says:
    4.0 rating

    Fentanyl for Depression; Polyneuropathie

    The plaster did not really help against the pain. it only took the tips. I’m trying this now only to endure, because I have discontinued the plaster. as a result, the dull pain has also increased a little. Since I am now attached to the neurological ambulance in Münster, I hope, through another, additional antidepressant that I was advised to get the pain and symptoms of my polynuropathy under control. one should look for good neurological ambulances, who are well versed in this area by sufficient experience, and do not rely on neurologists in the place of residence, but usually have more to do with epelepsiepatienten and the like. with me, the underlying disease HIV is added, so the polineuropathy. even my gait disorders have gotten worse by the drug. Also, about 14 – 16 hours of the day is not overslept by the yellow egg. that is not a quality of life!

    Side effects: Fatigue
  2. Nicholas M. Lewis says:
    4.5 rating

    Fentanyl for Polyneuropathie

    Now that I’ve tried all sorts of painkillers, the neurologist told me about fentanyl. I have, as far as the effectiveness of the drug is concerned, made very good experiences so far with it. The pain is reasonably bearable, the painless condition lasts about 62 hours, which is a huge step forward for my quality of life. Compatibility of the drug is in the middle range, as with all medicines. At the beginning I had hardly any side effects, but now manifest a few things that are also not unique, but probably due to fentanyl. The biggest problem for me is the chronic constipation (but can also be caused by other tablets), this thing is very difficult to deal with. I’ve tried all sorts of remedies … mostly without success. Increasingly stressful are the sweats, especially at night, these occur in alternation with cold sensations. The fatigue comes in turns, there are days full of resilience and others, where you could only sleep. Despite these things, I am very glad that finally a drug was prescribed that combats my pain.

    Side effects: Sweats; Constipation