Cefaclor for Pharyngitis treatment

We have 112 consumer reports for treatment of Pharyngitis with Cefaclor. Pharyngitis used in 4% of cases.

Patients statistics on Pharyngitis for Cefaclor


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5′ 9″
6′ 2″

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Cefaclor Circle Diagram 4 consumers of 112 reported about Pharyngitis

  1. Nicholas A. Hendrick says:
    1.5 rating

    Cefaclor for Pharyngitis

    Helped, but I got extreme hives

    Side effects: Hives
  2. John C. Luken says:
    4.0 rating

    Cefaclor for Pharyngitis

    I was diagnosed with acute pharyngitis and prescribed Cefaclor 500 tablets 3 times a day. On the second day of intake, my symptoms of inflammation did not improve or got worse. I then endured it for another 2 days and there was no noticeable improvement after that. The pharyngitis was not controlled. Cefaclor was completely ineffective for me. Have read on the Internet that Cefaclor in the past has been prescribed very often and have formed resistance!

    Side effects: Ineffectiveness
  3. Daniel J. Prude says:
    4.0 rating

    Cefaclor for Pharyngitis; Tonsillitis

    I got Cefaclor prescribed by my doctor because I did not tolerate the amoxicillin. I have tolerated this really well. I was always very tired. After I put it off, it was also with the tiredness. I had no side effects with Lemocin. The application is super-easy.

    Side effects: Fatigue