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We have 120 consumer reports for treatment of Personality disorders with Solian. Personality disorders used in 5% of cases.

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  1. Ryan D. Torrez says:
    1.0 rating

    Solian for Personality disorders; Psychosis

    First months everything was ok. then I had contractions from the muscles of the mouth and an uncontrollable movement of the tongue, so bad that it even breathed a breath. The doctors did not take this problem seriously at the next treatment, even increased the dose. Nevertheless, continue with solian. For the first time after various psychiatric disorders. My mine for the reason that I was better, not the drug. Nevertheless, solian continued. In the fifth month brain misfire; I take my key from the bag to open the door, but must think for half a minute before I know what I have to do next. Many of these hypnotists make me stop taking the drug. After settling first several weeks permanent headache. Auszetzer decrease but not quite. Sleep disorder, personality change, faster aggresief Difficulties to read and write, words do not trick me. And much more. After 5 months no solian al these problems are still present. And after 6 years of psychiatric problems, I decided that I did not want to have anything to do with psychiatrists and medications like these.

  2. Gloria J. Valdez says:
    3.5 rating

    Solian for Personality disorders; Depression; Psychosis

    1.seid I take Seroquell I feel worse in my strong mainly depressive crunch. I am completely dulled, feel nothing more. have the impression that it promotes voice hearing (previously it was in my crisis now only strong accoustic states of exuberance), strong thirst, total lack of interest in life, my body and my psyche defend against advise every sensitive person from the stuff. 2. In my case, Solean caused hormonal disturbances such as milk flow even in the small dose, increased thoughts, then, at the onset of the antidepressant effect; strong hyperactivity (could continue running on the treadmill without any signs of fatigue without end) also felt more alienated to myself. 3. I went well as sensitive to general stabilization 7 years with 1mg Fluanxol. In my current major depressive crisis, the propensity for strong dissociation that limits psychosis is less helpful. otherwise recommended for less endangered mimosa in mini-dose.

    Side effects: Milk bullet; Unrest