Yasmin for Pain (menstruation) treatment

We have 166 consumer reports for treatment of Pain (menstruation) with Yasmin. Pain (menstruation) used in 5% of cases.

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  1. Geraldine E. Segura says:
    5.0 rating

    Yasmin for Contraception; Pain (menstruation); Acne

    I have been taking the Yasmin for a little over a year, starting with the weaker form (Yasminelle). When I only took the Yasmin, the effect was better. The skin was soon super (had to fight with acne before). Also, at first I did not increase. Unfortunately, the yasmin and the lamotrigine are in unfavorable interaction. The progestin effect of the pill is diminished by the lamotrigine and the effect of the lamotrigine by the pill, but I managed to come to terms with it (especially by taking both medications at a certain interval so that the hormones could already be ingested before the next lamotrigine In the end, lamotrigine is the only antiepileptic medication that I can take with the pill, unfortunately I have gained a few pounds since then Unfortunately, I can not say which of the medications I have taken, which is quite positive noticed is that the estrogens have a completely different effect on me, namely, that since then my mood is more stable in the long term, than under the pure lamotrigine ingestion (the first days I was a little bent, since permanently stable) The pain that I had before and during menstruation has almost completely disappeared, and the bleeding itself has been shortened by several days and much weaker. Great!!

    Side effects: Increase in weight
  2. Elizabeth M. Kearney says:
    4.5 rating

    Yasmin for Pain (menstruation)

    I took the pill Yasmin 4 days (nights). The first three nights were quite normal (no side effects) but on the fourth night extreme nausea, stomach ache, diarrhea, vomiting and so it went for the next 7 days. But after the fourth pill had the intake interrupted … and now I often have extreme abdominal pain …: /

  3. Mary W. Clark says:
    4.0 rating

    Yasmin for A headache; Pain (menstruation)

    Fast 10kg increase in weight (water) over 4 weeks, very unpleasant water retention throughout the body, which lasted 7 months. Normal weight since 7 years: approx. 68kg Weight from 09.2006-03.2007: approx. 78kg Weight loss from 04.2007-today: approx. 74kg to 62kg today! The water retention has disappeared overnight and I could not get an explanation for it today. I am afraid that this problem could possibly recur!

    Side effects: Water storages
  4. Elisabeth J. Easton says:
    4.5 rating

    Yasmin for Pain (menstruation)

    YASMIN … The pill that changed my life … Sounds dramatic, but true !! For a long time I did not notice anything and most of all I did not think that severe depression could be due to the pill … If only I would have come up with it rather than listening to the funny doctors (yes, the Yasmin is expensive * wink) thanks Pharma *), so I would have spared me a lot! Only after about three years it started with the depression, first tired, impotent, sad … then so badly depressed that I have thought of suicide several times, complete withdrawal from the social environment, no head for job, husband, the like !! Migraine attacks (which I never had before), where I sometimes thought of ordering myself an ambulance, the pain was so bad !! But that was not the end of the flagpole: high blood pressure, weight gain, perfect Libido loss, pain in the long run Sex, changing my personality to an absolutely withdrawn mourning dumpling! When I finally, after 5 years of taking, despite the reluctance of my oh so expert doctors, dared to omit the monster pill … yes, I had within 3 months my old personality again! I can laugh again, no trace of Depri, do not let me hang anymore, no more migraines, all my (by the retreat) abandoned in the lurch friends again, ironed out my mistakes and paralysis in the job and ready for new acts! 🙂 May probably everyone else react on it, as I said that went well for three years … As a conclusion from the Odysee I can only advise every girl out there: listen to your body, watching small signals and changes to you before It forces you to kneel like me! I’d rather settle down and wait, see what happens to you … then you can start again, if you want! At least I’ll NEVER AGAIN take this nasty thing AGAIN !!! And above all: the doctors are not always right, there are always alternativesHope I gave you a little food for thought … Best wishes for your health 😉