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We have 245 consumer reports for treatment of Pain (joint) with Voltaren. Pain (joint) used in 8% of cases.

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  1. Nicholas D. Kennedy says:
    4.5 rating

    Voltaren for Pain (joint); Pain (acute)

    Will report here only briefly that I noticed is that the effect of Voltaren Dolo 12.5 mg (occasionally take 1-2 Tbl. Joint pain, etc.) significantly increases when I take 10 mg during Pollensäison in summer loratadine! I need usually 2 per Tbl without loratadine. Voltaren Dolo (all about 8-12 h) to achieve a good effect, rich with concomitant administration of loratadine about half doses (depending only 1 Tbl. Voltaren Dolo 12.5 mg!) to achieve the same analgesic effect! Conversely I had when taking a 50 mg dose of Voltaren (gastro-resistant. Dragee) with simultaneous treatment with loratadine strong gastrointestinal side effects such as severe dyspepsia and slight difficulty concentrating observed (which no loratadine was not the case), which probably indicates an overdose. I strongly suspect that the concurrent administration of loratadine (= & gt; influencing the first-pass effect in the liver) the inclusion of diclofenac in the large circulation significantly increased so that the dose of diclofenac (eg Voltaren) with concurrent administration of loratadine can / should be about halved to avoid unnecessarily strong side effects. If you know this and respected, so you save both unnecessary side effects and even cost one (= & gt; what I currently use to the full satisfaction for myself), so I want to give this observation here. It must not be that patients with diclofenac supplements are exposed to unnecessary risks when taking loratadine; Incidentally, find Voltaren dolo 12.5 mg (diclofenac – potassium) for muscle and joint pain, etc. at the right (moderate) dosage super (well tolerated and well effective)! Yours sincerely U. Harm ============================================ ======================================

    Side effects: Muscle aches
  2. Jaunita M. Pierce says:
    3.5 rating

    Voltaren for Pain (joint)

    Have sprayed Voltaren spray on the hip. After 2 days, I had a strong stimulus and the ones I sprayed on had water bubbles and a strong allergy. It was getting worse and worse. The doctor first prescribed an ointment for me, which did not help at all. Another doctor (ambulance, since I could not stand it on the weekend), had to give me an infusion with cortisone and prescribed me a stronger ointment and tablets. The application of the spray is now 11 days ago. Have now all over the body an allergy and strong itching. The doctor said it might take another week to get better. I can only warn against this hell stuffI still have the water bubbles on my hip.

    Side effects: Allergic reaction; Itching