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  1. Ina V. Virgil says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Fibromyalgia; Pain (chronic)

    I had water retention all over my body. Both hands were especially affected, and they also became deaf. Drug has been discontinued in the meantime.

    Side effects: Water storages
  2. Robert F. Hamm says:
    3.5 rating

    Lyrica for Pain (chronic)

    Wanted to middle. 7 years away from Tramal (addiction) and asked my BG doctors for alternative painkillers. Asked about THC-containing drugs (is on the rise) and got the answer: What do you want with hashish? (How stupid do you have to be to prescribe a 7 yr. Tramp and then let go of such a sentence?) Then I was advised to let the trampel slowly fade and at the same time take oxygesic 5mg 3 times a day. Was not allowed to drive for 4 weeks during the changeover. After 5 weeks, I then lead the first time again and got promptly at the wheel a seizure with 4 days hospitalization. Thank God that my wife and I are fine, but that car has total loss. Some brave doctors told me that these two medicines should never be taken together and they would be antagonistic (like fire and water). Is that correct? The BG-Äztin thinks it had come because of the tramp withdrawal to this spasm. Has anyone had similar experiences? I take Lyrica u. Pain patch. Best regards, Stefan Maas

  3. Joyce R. Devera says:
    3.5 rating

    Lyrica for Arthritis; Migraine; Arthrosis; Neuralgia; Pain (chronic)

    With the medication, my pain is so far under control that I can do my housework and participate in the social life limited. The side effects are with me, severe fatigue, dizziness, frequent circulation problems, severe sweating. If I do not take oxycodone punctually, the first withdrawal symptoms appear relatively quickly, I notice that at first, because my nose is suddenly closed, and I get a strong inner restlessness. And what is especially annoying is the chronic constipation, without Movicol nothing works.

  4. Mark R. Johnson says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Cross section paralysis; Pain (chronic)

    There is a dependency, i. When you stop taking these medications, you begin to feel tingling, a sign that you have to take the medicine again, as late hours later severe pain recurs. But … I’ve got tramal in all forms before, then oxydesic and also plaster without a success. The combination palladone and lyric is m.E. optimal. The chronic pain in the long run no longer get away, this should be known to everyone, for just such drugs are too strong … is just no aspirin or splitting tablet.

    Side effects: Dependence
  5. Kenneth J. Burch says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Dizziness; Trigeminal neuralgia; Pain (chronic)

    Am 20 years, male and suffering from a strong infection 8 months ago from infernal facial pain, dizziness, weakness, tingling in the whole head and face and many other complaints. Also for 4 years in an unknown severe rheumatic disease. I take Lyrica 2 x 150mg a day for 3 months and so far I have not noticed any side effects but also felt no positive effect. Time wasted for me. For me, not a single painkiller and nothing else works. Have tried over 35 painkillers, nothing works for me … not even for the rheumatic complaints. I feel like I am immune to painkillers. Also after an almond and appendectomy surgery, no painkillers worked.

    Side effects: No side effects
  6. Lynne K. Wiens says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Intervertebral discs-op; Arthrosis; Pain (acute); Depression; Pain (chronic)

    I am taking the indicated medications now for a good 2 years at this dosage: Morphine 100 1-1-1-0 Lyrica 300 1-0-1-0 Mirtazapine neuraxpharm 30mg 0-0-1-0 Syneudon 50mg 0-0-1- 0 b.After 3×20 Trf. Novaminsulfone So far, it gets me quite well, only it’s just not enough for my Schmerzsymtomatik. Before that, I had tested other medicines and had been prescribing for a while until my last KKH, where I went with this og. Dosage has been discharged. The combination morphine & amp; Lyrica has actually taken me quite a few steps forward, only it is temporarily insufficient. Will this on occasion again discuss with my doctor, what we can do there ??! ?? At side effects I have massive sweats, no matter how cold or warm it is. I do not have constipation for the most part, so I only use the laxative as needed. Otherwise, only bothers me the strong weight gain, although I do not know exactly whether it comes from the antidepressants or the pain medication ??? That bothers me so much, because I can not do great sports (only if I have a good day, then I can probably go swimming, but only if it is just a warm bathing day) and every kilo Too much to do in various places. I hope again and again that the doctors can either eliminate my symptoms, or such an effective drug comes on the market, which has little or better, no side effects! But this will probably remain my eternal dream Wish all readers a possible pain-free life

    Side effects: Sweats; Increase in weight
  7. Evette J. Flick says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Sleep disorders; Depression; Pain (chronic)

    I have been taking Valdoxan 25 mg for 4 weeks and am so satisfied with the drug, knowing that it takes at least 4 weeks for the drug to build up a level in the body and take at least as long to take the side effects. I had mild nausea, mild flushing, and mild sleep disturbances. But I am firmly convinced that this will lessen. I also hope to let the other drugs creep after quite some time.

  8. Linda A. Shultis says:
    3.5 rating

    Lyrica for Pain (chronic)

    I’ve been taking Lyrica for two years now, at least 400mg a day, but it was already 600mg. In the time it came and comes again and again to different side effects of different characteristics. Especially fatigue (sleep easily 20 hours), depression, mood swings, word finding problems, confusion. In addition, I have 4 kilograms increased, have problems wearing contact lenses and more recently also problems with the abdomen (distended belly, nausea). My pain is almost gone.

  9. Jackie T. Lawson says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Fibromyalgia; Pain (chronic)

    Katadolon had no effect on me and no side effects. Tramadolor had no effect, but made stomach problems. Lyrica had a lot of side effects of severe restlessness with anxiety, insomnia and strong mental fluctuations. Tilidine was very effective in the beginning, well tolerated and I can only recommend. Leaves now after 18 months, the effect of habituation process!

    Side effects: Anxiety states; Insomnia; Unrest
  10. Michael L. Brown says:
    3.0 rating

    Lyrica for Paresthesia; Pain (chronic)

    Fluctine in depression due to the pain. When running, the ground moves faster than the pace. Impatience, sitting for a long time. Sudden fatigue.

    Side effects: Perceptual disorders; Fatigue
  11. Linda M. Maynard says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Neuralgia; Pain (chronic)

    It all started with a hearing loss. As the hearing loss was treated so far, my upper jaw suddenly began to hurt. Besides, I could not control my eyes anymore. I was then hospitalized for 14 days in the hospital and adjusted to Gapabentin and Mirtazapine. In the beginning it helped me very well. After about 6 months, the first side effects occurred. These were especially diarrhea and vomiting. I was in bed almost every 14 days with an upset stomach and had cramps and diarrhea. We searched the internet for a better drug. As we discovered on a forum the Mediament Lyrica supposedly well tolerated. I then had the medication prescribed by my neurologist. Since then I take 150 mg Lyrica 3 times a day for about 1 year. I have not regretted the change since then I feel much better and almost no side effects.

    Side effects: Vomit; Diarrhea
  12. Daniel L. Washington says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Spastik; Pain (chronic)

    Due to the spastic tetraplegia, my musculature cramps more than a healthy muscle in pain. Therefore, at the onset of chronic pain syndrome, I was prescribed Katadolone directly. As a side effect I felt at the beginning almost only the tiredness. In the meantime, the following side effects have come along: muscle tremors, dry mouth, constipation, some sleep disturbances, restlessness (physical type). For two months I still take Tilidine Retard (50/4) 3 times a day and as a combination Tilidin solution (as needed 2 – 4 x daily 20 drops). Again, fatigue plays a role as a side effect. In addition, I get Lyrica 25 mg in the evening for a few days. These should take the share of neuropathic pain. Here are also the side effects of fatigue, tremors and dry mouth. Inwiewiet the Lyrica is increased is still unclear. But it is sure that it will stay with me a low dose.

  13. Christopher P. Panella says:
    2.5 rating

    Lyrica for Spastik; Pain (chronic)

    When taking the 3 drugs listed above, there were frightening side effects. After initially decaying pain symptoms came after about 4 weeks to extreme dry mouth, speech difficulties, constipation, depression to suicidal thoughts. The patient was no longer himself and here are also unprecedented cardiac arrhythmias search, which could be eliminated only by a hospital stay. After urgent, immediate discontinuation of Lyrica, the condition of the patient improves daily, although withdrawal symptoms (nausea and heat waves with heavy sweats) occurred.

  14. John L. Deloach says:
    3.0 rating

    Lyrica for Pain (chronic)

    bad getting up of soil, general going, vacillating.

    Side effects: Gang trouble