Elavil for Pain (acute) treatment

We have 85 consumer reports for treatment of Pain (acute) with Elavil. Pain (acute) used in 6% of cases.

Patients statistics on Pain (acute) for Elavil


Average weight in Lbs

Average height in Ft
5′ 6″
5′ 9″

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Elavil Circle Diagram 5 consumers of 85 reported about Pain (acute)

  1. Andrew D. Echols says:
    2.5 rating

    Elavil for Pain (acute)

    Since I have taken these two medicines in combi I have absolutely no more pain. The former thing I have is a lot of thirst, fatigue and I have since the tablets take about 10kg increased. Does not matter the main thing I have no more pain.

    Side effects: Fatigue; Increase in weight
  2. Beth D. Thurston says:
    3.0 rating

    Elavil for Pain (acute); Depression

    Was the first 2 weeks very tired after that I was always better, now and then have a bad day until now but not so that I have to take pills. but have also increased 10 kg.und only after a year have been adjusted to decrease successes. Azopt has caused no side effects with me.

    Side effects: Fatigue; Increase in weight