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We have 180 consumer reports for treatment of Pain (acute) with Diazepam. Pain (acute) used in 2% of cases.

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  1. Maureen M. Flanagan says:
    4.0 rating

    Diazepam for A headache; Psychosis; Pain (acute); Depression

    Amisulprid How it works against me: schizophenia, paranoia, hearing voices, hostility, distrust, social phobia Rapid onset of action, symptoms of paranoia such as being bugged, feeling persecuted, being watched, voices judging your actions negatively, being transparent naked to everyone People feel helpless, everyone knows about a decision, conspiracy disappear, even in acute conditions. Without side effects. As a daily prophylaxis ingestion: 20KG increased, feelings dulled, All the same attitude By gaining weight inferiority, yield my gaze in the mirror not-why all the big mirrors smashed with anger, see someone else in the mirror-do not recognize me, can not me resign, accept-self-denial, zero self-esteem, barely joy of life

    Side effects: Increase in weight
  2. Miguel D. Mitchell says:
    4.0 rating

    Diazepam for Pain (acute)

    First I bury all those who are stuck with me in a Bott, I am currently in Romania, but I am a German citizen, therefore this keyboard & gt; :)))) TRAMAL, also known as Tramadol is underestimated to the 90% of Aertzte.Meine medical history ; I got from the Haustzt Tramadol drops 100mg / 10ml N1 and that because of strong migraine, although that does not help at all. The prescription repeated irregularly 1 year.I do not want to capture long, I am dependent for 10 years, with a daily dose of 10-10-10 ml (solution) In the various detoxification I have been told by other patients as compliment, I should be glad be that the addiction has not been in my face, and have a very pretty face to swallow for such a shit. You could have x girlfriends, a well – regarded job, etc. I was all shit Egal.Ich was in a JVA 12 months eingespert u.have not even needed medication. After the dismissal passed 5 hours, then it was again drauf.Ich must report that has not changed in these 12 months, either psychic or No motivation. No hope, because financially I am only dependent on Hart 4.Which girl wants to go with such a type, deep in a relationship.I have tried I do not know what to do, do anything, etc … Unfortunately, I sprayed too much Xylocaine as a local anesthetic, and I could not really catch the Vennen after several tries. You can still live a maximum of 1 hour after that, but comma comes in after 30 min. I have tried long-term therapy, with forced therapy, it just does not work, the motivation is death for me forever, or should I be about kok Well, coke and tramp not fit, coke disintegrates the muscle fibers. My feasts and opinion is: pray in God for a lighter death, because you not only quirit you, but also the others who live around you and mitleiden.Es also a Anstekender mood. Innocent people entrain me find Unfaer, better you mourn briefly to someone, then the cake is eaten I think.Tod forget easy, except your own mother … Give me a gun and me burdened the health insurance no longer, with NAW, RTW (Notartztwagen, ambulance) for seizures Grand Mal. I see the things Obiectiv people, do not make a fake hope, because then enters Tramal treatment has time 14 days to decide whether he wants to give his life or not! From me, it should be classified as BtM, because so sell the pharmacies without a prescription anymore. There are many pharmacists who are fixed on sales. You get said when buying Tramal, please get a recipe at the next time, and at the next time man creeps through … Well people sounds like the Warkheit, I expect no regrets, but as knowledgeable for you. Goodbye, Christian.

    Side effects: Listlessness; Dependence
  3. Jared K. Allen says:
    4.0 rating

    Diazepam for Pain (acute); Epilepsy

    I have received Tegretal since 2005 because of a seizure disorder (epilepsy, type Grand mal). The drug was slowly metered into my clinic. After 6 years of taking it I was able to observe more and more side effects on me, ranging from dizziness to dizziness and gait disturbances. Diazepam was dosed to me 16 years ago after I was in sudden anxiety, unable to leave my apartment. Since Diazepam like all drugs from the Benzodiazepingruppe a very high mental and physical dependence potential, I decided in 2007 to detoxify in the clinic with another drug (Atosil / drug: prometazine) and a psychotherapy to get this suffering under control. Unfortunately, my intention has not borne fruit, so that I have at least a little quality of life to keep (my everyday life can accomplish alone), have resorted to diazepam again. So far, all other attempts to treat my anxiety disorder have failed. There were u.a. SSRIs and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors were used but did not produce the desired effect. I receive Tilidine Comp because of 3 inoperable herniated discs in the LWS area. However, I take this drug only if the pain becomes unbearable and Novaminsulfon does not show sufficient relief. A longer lasting use of Tilidine Comp I avoid because of the existing dependency potential. I strive as far as possible to limit the revenue to just a few days.