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  1. Charlie F. Nicoletti says:
    4.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Mood swings; Fatigue; Anxiety disorders

    I’m not 20 yet and have a lot of bad experiences for my age with AD. After a major change, panic attacks, extreme fatigue and eating disorders increased. The doctor prescribed me 50mg Tresleen (but helped absolutely nothing, was so desperate that I have even increased to 100mg, which in turn has brought nothing). I felt the sitting down physically speaking I had a headache and body aches (psychically, nothing had changed). I then went directly to a psychologist who recommended paroxetine to me (since my mother had responded very well to it and he said that something similar happens in the brain and therefore I will respond well). Unfortunately, I took the paroxetine for a long time, tripled the dose even under the supervision of a neurologist – no effect, except that fatigue and fatigue got a little better (but can not say that this is due to the medication, because I had no choice as turning my entire life and wondering what I had done wrong, that it had come to that) and that I was secondarily severe headache and nausea … The exhaustion over time was thankfully better and also the eating disorders were gone as soon as I had changed everything. Nevertheless, I had great anxiety and panic (as well as fear of the fear) which should actually go through the Medis. Through a blood test it came out that I’m a Rapid Metabolizer (my liver recovers medicines so fast that the usual dose does not help). After no effect on paroxetine, my neurologist Cymbalta prescribed it to me. Paroxetine I almost did not feel – mild headache and body aches. First 60mg and then blood again, then increased to 90mg – and it finally turned an effect. Exhaustion got better, concentration too and the fear of anxiety disappeared completely. Nevertheless, I had a very low stress threshold and mood swings, as well as a deep fear of a renewed overstrain and change. Side effects were often dizziness, headache and sweating (which also changed over time). Sleep was thankfully never a problem for me. So my doctor increased to 130mg to tell an even better result. No way! Nothing got better, only the side effects stronger! So I got additionally 25mg Mirtazapine prescribed, which I had to creep in slowly. My doctor said that relatively many studies prove that it would work so well in conjunction with other ADs. The first days seemed so sedating with me, that after an hour of taking it, I became so tired that I could not think properly, everything became difficult. Waking up also became more difficult. When I was on a whole tablet, I kept it up for just a few days because I was always hungry and that was really 24-hour – just depressing! In addition, I took almost 6 kg in 2 weeks! I was struggling to do sports because suddenly I did not have any stamina anymore and was sweating heavily. Otherwise no mental change (or so minimal that I did not notice because of the strong side effects). So I only took half more and waited until the next appointment. Mirtazapine has been discontinued and I’ve been ‘clean’ for almost a week now – no side effects on weaning, my mood swings have worsened. I’m fine so far, but I do not feel well. I’m scared of every little thing and I waver between ‘Everything’s fine.’ and ‘I can not do it all.’ And so I am thinking – very laboriously. Now I take Valdoxan, let’s see if that brings something. In any case, I can only advise against mirtazapine!

  2. Jeffrey J. Hoagland says:
    3.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Mood swings

    Hello to each other, for me a very clear and clear NO to this drug. Have taken about 4-5 years and 20 mg, because of strong mood swings, problems with work … disease in the family, etc .. !!! My doctor recommended – without hesitation – paroxetine 20 mg. Very much trusted in the experience of my doctor !!! To start with, problems, wide range … learned to LIVE. Until I got severe cramps in the face and jaw area. Nobody found the cause, neither general practitioner nor the neurologist. Again and again to the doctor and on WE in acute cramps to the rescue. I talked to over and over again the intake of this drug, asked for side effects. No matter these concerns were ignored !!! In December 2014, I set the dose from 20 mg to 10 mg. Then it went half a year without convulsions. Until I had to 10 days after about 4 hours of massive convulsions back to the rescue. This time, the doctor immediately pulled a neurologist to the HELP, a young assistant doctor immediately recognized the possibility of intolerance of an active ingredient of paroxetine. After a short telephone conversation with her chief physician, she injected me with an antidote. This worked within a few minutes. Result: IMMEDIATE discontinuation of paroxetine. This is now 10 days ago …. terrible symptoms of withdrawal, such as dizziness, chills, sweats, acute diarrhea. not able to work !!! BUT I want to and must go through it and believe that I have managed the worst. Walks and activities in the fresh air make the head freeWish everyone a lot of strengthLb. Regards Heidi

    Side effects: Muscle cramps
  3. Irene G. Laubach says:
    4.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Mood swings

    I took 20mg of paroxetine every morning. Strong nausea and very shaky hands, even restless legs occurred thereby. These were the strongest and most lasting side effects while taking. Apart from that, there are also occasional nosebleeds, blurred vision, hardly any appetite, and on 1, 2 days something like hallucinations (the feeling that the ground would be rolling, things would turn and move even though they did not move). The treatment with paroxetine was stopped after 20 days because of the strong side effects.