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  1. Dan M. Sewell says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Mood swings

    I take all these medicines so that I can live reasonably well again. I would not recommend SUBUTEX or Diazepam to anyone who is not specifically prescribed it by the doctor. I got this ducrh my politoxicomania, caused by years of physical and mental ill-treatment, and by multiple post traumatic stress disorder..I helped the lyrics and the baclofon when I had withdrawn from Subutex and Diazepam..Was, however, by my psychosomatic disorders Since the withdrawal, I have to take this lyrics and baclofen, in addition, since I suffer from mood swings since the withdrawal, and by this withdrawal into a psychichen and physical stress, because I myself an excessive pressure had, because I absolutely wanted to make it .. However, even in a burnout syndrome slipped, which proved to be true hell .. Overall, I can only say that I tolerate all drugs, well, except the Lyrica, of which I actually Should take 225mg a day, but only 75mg to take me, otherwise I have too high water retention, and completely dur be together …

    Side effects: Water storages
  2. Loretta T. Moe says:
    2.5 rating

    Lyrica for Mood swings

    I just tried lyrica, because I have mood swings (menopause?) and it helps me enormously. Otherwise, I do not take any medication at all, except rarely taking ibuprofen for pain. The mood swings I can compensate very well with Lyrica, 200 mg, act after about 1.5 hours so that I feel fit, happy and energetic. Lasts for hours, that is, I take a total of 2 times a day, 200 mg, in the early afternoon and in the evening. Since I have an effervescent temperament, Lyrica gives me a lot more composure and also less anxious, meaning that I can do my work in peace, but I can not cope with myself, that I have to be faster or better. I can laugh more and find everything funnier. I have been taking Lyrica for 2 weeks and so far I can only say that they are not a happy-go-lucky, but they are very gentle in creating an inner serenity and therefore humor.

    Side effects: Bloating