Lithium for Mood swings treatment

We have 56 consumer reports for treatment of Mood swings with Lithium. Mood swings used in 5% of cases.

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  1. Carrie L. Harris says:
    4.5 rating

    Lithium for Mood swings; Psychosis

    I got lithium because of a schizoaffective psychosis. At first I had no side effects, but then it started. Weight gain was one thing, but before that, I was already warned and educated. But not about the tremor that started soon. My hands are shaking every morning, can hardly write anything on the PC. And when I’m excited or stressed out, my hands shake over the day, which I do not know about myself. My doctor says you can not do anything. The lithium level in the blood, which needs to be monitored regularly, is normal. At first, I was also extremely thirsty, could drink all day and was still thirsty, but that has stopped. My mood is balanced, however, do not fall into deep holes, but I can not get to nice heights. My psychotic symptoms, which were never completely gone despite other medications, are very well remedied with lithium.

    Side effects: Tremor; Thirst; Increase in weight
  2. Quincy E. Gowen says:
    1.5 rating

    Lithium for Mood swings

    After weaning I was fine.

  3. Rose R. Raynor says:
    4.0 rating

    Lithium for Mood swings; Depression

    After tasting everything on the market, I finally take Jatrosom, 60 mg; 30 mg in the morning and 30 mg in the afternoon. Combined with lithium aspartate, which I take because I can not stand the normal quilonium (I was sick from morning to night), I escaped from a severe depression, in the end I was just in the apartment and did nothing more, me just wanted to kill. In the clinic, the MAO diet was started immediately and a little later I had the full dose of Jatrosom, 60 mg. Coupled with an incredibly high dose of lithium aspartate (3 x 5 tablets a 3.2 millimoles) against another mania, the jatrosome began to take effect after a short while, with my permanent suicidal thoughts gone one morning. The very high lithium dose was reduced to 3 x 3 tablets a 3.2 millimoles during the hospital stay, so my lithium level is around 0.7. The only side effect of lithium is that I often have a heavy lump in my throat, can not swallow properly, which is extremely unpleasant. My weight gain in the whole of the drug therapy in the last two years is about 20 kg. My kilo count used to be the same as when I was healthy and in everyday life, d. H. again had a higher basal metabolic rate, by itself. This time, nothing is doing, which is not nice, because at 165 cm to weigh about 85 kilos is not nice. Despite all the ifs and buts, I am very grateful that the Jatrosom acts as a last resort and I can lead a reasonably normal life again. With the diet I have no problems, since I eat almost no meat and sausage anyway. The other things that I’m not sure I can eat or not, I’ll just try.

    Side effects: Increase in weight