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  1. David S. Fox says:
    4.0 rating

    Fluoxetine for Mood swings; Bipolar disorder; Drive disorders; Depression

    I also voted against my Bipolar Affective Disorder Manic Depressive Disease called these two drugs together with my doctor after several years of searching in vain for the right medication. At the beginning, every fortnight I wavered between low mood and unnoticed hypomania. When I did not pay much attention to it and continued to work 60-70 hours a week and in the meantime gave birth to 2 children, it became so bad that I took the eighth train of the emotions at least 1-2 times that day , Today I know why I got this disease as a gift. Back in my teens, when I had very severe acne, my doctor prescribed me a drug called Roaccutan as a last resort, which allegedly drove at least 9 people into suicide. I was lucky enough to be able to control my suicidal thoughts and have myself admitted to open psychiatry. There I was prescribed lithium first. Then they experimented with different drugs from Trevilor to Zeldox or Atypical Neuroleptics like Sulpiride in small doses. But whenever the medications had helped for a few days, the effect simply stopped after certain times. And especially the hypomania was gone but the shit …… Depris were always there and I could not be happy anymore and always had something like a stone in the pit of my stomach. Until I found the combination myself with my doctor. The Seroquel helps me to protect myself in both directions. It helps me more against the exhausting hypo or partial mania. But it does not help enough against depression. That’s why I tried fluoxetine, and lo and behold, both medicines in combination have totally changed my life. When my doctor returned from the congress he said that for bipolar people it is the best combination right now to take these two medicines. At the beginning I had the lithium in addition to the seroquel and fluoxetine. I have asked my doctor to omit the exhausting lithium. He agreed and it came as it had to come. I became so manic that I became aggressive and turned on some people totally and turned off completely. When I was in the open two weeks, I was the seroquel increased by 50% and reduced the driving fluoxetine to a single dose. Since this hospitalization I have now the dose in the morning 100mg Seroquel and 20mg Fluoxetine. In the evening I take now 400mg Seroquel and that’s it. Since then, I feel something of normal as years no longer. I have no big weight gain from the Seroquel and then only between 2 and 4 kilograms. I was always tired and broken at the beginning with the treatment of Seroquel and did not get out of bed. This has changed with the dose increase. I can think clearer again and I can remember things again. So exactly the opposite what others are reporting here about the Seroquel. I have had the best experience with Seroquel and Fluoxetine. And if I have Parkinson’s in 20 years I do not care. Because then at least I was allowed to experience my good years in a normal and joyful way. I wish you all that it may be the same with you as with me. It took me almost 5 years to find the right medication.

    Side effects: Increase in weight; Fatigue
  2. Angela D. Vogel says:
    4.0 rating

    Fluoxetine for Mood swings; Eating disorder

    In the beginning I was accidentally overdosed (60 mg) and had an extreme tremor in my right hand. I was not able to keep my cutlery normal or draw anything – I was shaking so hard. I was dosed down to 40 mg. The tremor stopped and except that I was drunk faster under the influence of alcohol (1 glass of champagne was already too much), I took about 40 kg within a year. Although my doctors told me in advance that they would rather lose weight. However, I also stopped smoking – which certainly had an impact on the extreme weight gain. Fluoxetine did not leave any side effects, except maybe that sometimes I’m very tired. My mood swings and depressions have stopped and I have become a lot less emotion. I do not cry anymore and I am calmer and more balanced. My always well-balanced mood and inner balance make my life a lot easier – even in some hopeless situations I can stay cool and relaxed thanks to the drug – and thus better handle the things that have cost me quite a lot of nerves in the past. However, the desire for sex was completely lost and although I live in a relationship, I can do without sex well because I do not miss it at all. (Much to the chagrin of my partner ..) I would like to lose weight again, but I do not dare to discontinue or exchange the drug because my fear predominates to slip back into severe depression or permanent mood swings.