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  1. Lynda D. Turner says:
    3.5 rating

    Mirena for Sweat; Migraine; Hypermenorrhoea

    I have felt very well for 8 years and now suffer constantly from bladder infections, urethritis and yeasts. I suspect a connection with the spiral, because the urologist is also often at a loss as to where the cause lies.

    Side effects: Fungal infection; Cystitis
  2. John E. Garrett says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Migraine

    The Mirena came into consideration with me because I suffered from lymphedema for a long time and therefore no other method of contraception came into question. For a long time I could not assign all the symptoms. because the Lymphöden had a very strong influence on the hormonal processes in the body and it was indistinguishable for me. A thyroid hypofunction has contributed to the rest of this and we have long tried back and forth, from where the strong mirg So I came now only after 5 years on it and only by diary lead, that the strong migraine I regularly every 2-3 months always had around the Ziklus, had to come from the Mirena. I’ll let the Mirena go now and then we’ll see how it goes on. Whether my guess is right or not. I think it’s a pity, because for me then only the sterilization comes into question, because I just can not handle the other methods.

    Side effects: Migraine
  3. Naomi W. Martin says:
    5.0 rating

    Mirena for Migraine

    I have the Mirena for three years. The migraine attacks are indeed almost gone (from up to 10 a month under the pill (Cerazette) to now 2-3 a year), but there were other supplements: Initially, I had about 6-7 months long bleeding. Since then, I still have long-lasting and very irregular bleeding. Mostly they last 15-20 days, then I have 10-15 days break, then it starts all over again. That is very annoying. Despite regular checks every 6 months, my doctor wants to leave everything so, because neither a pill nor the NuvaRing I could tolerate. More side effects since laying the Mirena: For two years therapy wg. Depression and mood swings, plus 10 pounds of weight gain, loss of libido and blemished skin. But I do not see an alternative – presumably I’ll have to hold it through to menopause. But I’m already almost 46 … – juhu! Recommendation: Changeable, the lesser evil. dieheideblühte

  4. Brenda M. Grissom says:
    5.0 rating

    Mirena for Migraine

    Hello, my gynecologist advised me not to take the pill 7 years ago, because of the risk of thrombosis. In addition, I had about 2 times a month the most severe migraine attacks, which took 2 – 3 days. Now that I’m using the Mirena Hormone Spiral (I’ve got the 2nd in there by now) I do not have any more migraine headaches (Juhuuu !!). Although I have gained some weight, but I put a little on my better mental condition (just because of the post-migraine). My rule has also remained since then, which does not necessarily make me sad 😉 What is reported here about side effects, such as hot flashes, etc. – I postpone this more to the onset of menopause, as they only now sometimes use. I do not feel that (yet) as disturbing.

    Side effects: No side effects