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We have 85 consumer reports for treatment of Migraine with Elavil. Migraine used in 11% of cases.

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  1. Tresa J. Morris says:
    4.5 rating

    Elavil for A headache; Migraine; Depression

    Side effects Saroten: tiredness, water retention, weight gain, dry mouth. Fluoxetine: side effects only at the beginning of the intake, meanwhile no side effects except weight gain. Fluoxetine enhances the effects of Saroten, so I stay at a dose of 25 mg Saroten a day (taken in the evening), with a fluoxetine dose of 40 mg a day (taken in the morning).

  2. Yvette B. Crump says:
    4.5 rating

    Elavil for A headache; Migraine

    I have long (4 years) against the recommended by my anesthetist Sarotentherapie for the treatment of my tension headache and migraine. If I have already read / heard the word antidepressant, I began to doubt whether that was the right one. In the end, I despaired of my permanent headache and so I got over to starting with Saroten- low doses (10mg at 48 kg body weight), since according to the doctor only a suptile dosage is necessary. After taking 4 months (scheduled to be one year), I can say that the tension headaches are much better and the migraine attacks have become rarer and weaker. I am glad that I was able to reduce my painkiller consumption and only have to resort to the Med in hardships. Initial dry mouth was initially uncomfortable, but gone after 2, 3 weeks.

    Side effects: Constipation; Mouth dryness
  3. Ana R. Thompson says:
    4.0 rating

    Elavil for Migraine

    Within the intake time I have increased 7 kilograms. Although my migraine did not appear anymore, but now I am obese and I have only appetite, could eat all day ….

  4. Jacquelyn A. Allen says:
    4.5 rating

    Elavil for Migraine

    Since the age of thirteen I have already taken a lot of medication. Now I have been taking Saroten since four months. I have to say that the migraine attacks have become less, however, I have already gained six kilos in the meantime and heartbeat occurs frequently and suddenly. I also notice that I am often in a bad mood and constantly tired