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We have 739 consumer reports for treatment of Migraine with Cymbalta. Migraine used in 1% of cases.

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  1. Penny D. Schechter says:
    3.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Migraine; Depression

    Because I suffered from headaches, irritability and depressive moods almost every day, I was prescribed cymbalta. At first I had this tight neck, loss of appetite, mild dizziness and lack of concentration. sudden fatigue and after sleep a high increase in activity were to be noted. Then I wanted to stop the drug and left it just three days away. first it got better and then old symptoms such as compulsive behavior and compulsive thinking came back, of which I noticed nothing under cymbaltaeinnahme. so i decided to continue taking the drug, albeit at a reduced dose. There was no side effect at all when taking this medication again. Only positive aspects were noticeable, such as increased activity, pleasant mood, increased tolerance, lower irritability. There was something like an invisible wall between me and my environment that annoyed me extremely quickly. in the meantime i also have more self-confidence and i do not care so much what people think about me, i am closer and more familiar myself, i have less fear and i can take things more as they are. however, I am also less afraid of weight gain or fewer fears of living, which increases my tendency to cross-border food intake / spending. sometimes I think, now I just put the medium off slowly and look how it is then. But every time I’m a bit afraid to fall into a deep hole … and take it further, hoping that I’m not really dependent on it. that’s the conflict that’s left over. Can I sell it and manage my life without cymbalta? when is the right time?

  2. Melissa J. Lee says:
    3.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Migraine; Depression

    Cymbalta experience: first week of taking 30 mg daily: constipation, concentration disorder, anxiety to become addicted to it and not just getting it prescribed by the doctor. poor appetite. At the same time, problems become less serious, I become more indifferent, I am satisfied with myself, I can not defend myself against myself or against others. I am rather calm. after 3 weeks: normalization of physical changes. stability and a feeling of strength persist. After 6 months, the question of when to sneak out. After 7 months problems with the doctor. must do too much to get regular prescription on cymbalta and see the dependency on the drug, the doctor, the income regimen. After 9 months, I clearly see dependency. want to be free. even with pain, with depression. with migraine, with fears and all that I am. I do not want to be deaf anymore. because I feel numb. without passion. customized. not me, who I know myself. no rebellion, no fear – spend terribly much more money, do not want to be afraid of the debt mountain …. by the way: no more libido – although even ovulationif I abstain for a day on the intake: then orgasm and lust, etc. otherwise deaf. nothing. nothing. after nine months i’m fed up: i do not want the chemistry any more. reject the deafness. I fight back. I do not like anything anymore. I have not taken a cymbalta for ten days. simply discontinued. there come the opposite reactions, everything that was suppressed comes up. I swear, I fight against the others. I’m not afraid of that. I say what I think, feel. go on confrontation. it feels good. but: I have vertigo, ear noises, electric shocks, trembling limbs. I really have withdrawal symptoms. no appetite. but I can fight. I can and want to fight. my soul suffers like that, so and so. with cymbalta. without cymbalta …. maybe I’ll break up, maybe not let me dance around anymore … I’ll resist. the price of cymbalta are electric shocks, lack of concentration, pain in the eyes in bright light, also that I am constantly dizzy. and that I can not tell anyone about it. Because nobody should know about the therapy. and he knows that, it benefits greatly from the fact that I take the medicine. that is, if you have to kitten or want to wed your marriage … take what sedates you. you feel strong, independent and free. are deaf to any, even very hurtful criticism of your person. not only deaf, she does not really care about you. and the passion, the meaning of life, run into a careless: do what you need to do. and: Do not fool around here, just be quiet inside. the colors of life are lost. you are lost. you change and you adapt easily and effortlessly. are anything but: UNBEQUEM. No. you are transformed by the cymbalta into a very pleasant, comfortable person. who takes the things as they come. Forgetting yourself and hoping the kids will not mind. For ten days I have the feeling of being tormented by electric shocks and vertigo. on the lungs is also such an unpleasant feeling. I can cry again without cymbalta. went with c. not at all. and I enjoy that I am still alive. Hopefully the side effects will soon come to an end. I can not hear the restlessness and the sweating, the problems of the everyday just not anymore. How long does such a cold withdrawal last? So I have at least 10 or 11 days behind me.

  3. Evelyn J. Vanderpool says:
    1.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Migraine; Pain (chronic)

    I took Cymbalta for the first time yesterday. In the evening at 21h, I quickly fell asleep because my pain was finally gone. Not 3 hours later, I woke up again and could not sleep all night. I also had stomach cramps and severe nausea and will not take Cymbalta tonight.

    Side effects: Stomach cramps; Nausea