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We have 513 consumer reports for treatment of Heartburn with Prednisolone. Heartburn used in 1% of cases.

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  1. Derrick K. Lewis says:
    3.0 rating

    Prednisolone for Heartburn; Morbus crohn

    Persistent use of Prednisolone sponges the body and the skin becomes thin and cracked. So-called pregnancy scars have remained with me. Often you also get strong acne.

    Side effects: Acne; Water storages
  2. Joann J. Runyon says:
    4.0 rating

    Prednisolone for Heartburn

    Prednisolone: Quick remedy in combination with cetirizine (antiallergic), but fatal consequences. 3 months only slept sitting wg. strong heartburn, bad stomach (like abdomen 6 months), nocturnal walks through the house due to shortness of air caused by bloated stomach with heartburn (unfortunately need to grab the bag to avoid hyperventilation due to incorrect breathing caused by pain, as well as gas in the Abdominal colon), which required the ingestion of microorganisms over 3 months (was detected in a necessary colonoscopy to diagnose cause), gastroscopy for the reason of continuous Augasung and heartburn to diagnose – fat gastritis and Magenpförtner not completely closed. So far, I have not had heartburn. Through her eternal pain and search for the needle in a haystack: strength mood swings. Various allergy tests were carried out, stool samples examined, blood samples made – everything was neat, even on Hantha virus and Co was examined, because the hands swelled and hurt strongly, then itched heavily and the feeling arose that they would burst (combined with strong redness ), hot ears that quickly turned bright red – only held for about 10 minutes. Cetirizine (antiallergic) is taken in time for the allergic reaction, however, to diminish. Had taken proton pump inhibitor (omeprazole) and not tolerated against the stomach complaints, DNn had tried and tested Medi. get called ranitidine, an h2 antihistamine. Unfortunately, I did not get this medicine, even though it is really well tolerated. Meike help I found on a homeopathic website Bitterstern! My miracle cure for over 1 year. The symptoms are getting better, the remedy works wonders. With inflated belly or approach of heartburn taken a few drops and you notice how it frees the stomach. That I would break out in tears, because a drug will help me so well, I thought so far not. I’m glad to have found the Bitterstern drops. 17 different herbs bundled in a herb bitter. It could not be better! Thanks to the brilliant manufacturer. I do not look very pregnant for a long time because of common gases, have my heartburn well under control, can even drink coffee again, which was not possible before, does not have to eat completely basic, but can sometimes allow me sins and go out to eat without panic, not to survive the night.

    Side effects: Stomach complaints; Heartburn