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We have 142 consumer reports for treatment of Heart failure with Bystolic. Heart failure used in 2% of cases.

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  1. Jeffrey H. Cisneros says:
    4.5 rating

    Bystolic for Heart failure

    After heart surgery (aortic valve, greatly enlarged aorta) the previously taken, well-acting Blopress was replaced by amlodipine 10mg and enalapril 5mg for cost reasons in the hospital. In addition, I got Nebilet to support the heart. The cardiologist who advised me advised me not to change the well-acting drugs. Since I became increasingly impotent and suffered from an evening / nocturnal coughing, I have omitted without consulting with the doctor Nebilet tentatively. After three days, I had a rest pulse of 90 and more, as before the operation. After taking it again, the pulse is back to normal. With the tiredness and the cough I live now. Coffee and lozenges help a lot.

    Side effects: Fatigue
  2. Fredrick S. Wallis says:
    3.0 rating

    Bystolic for Heart failure; High blood pressure

    Who has the same side effects from ramipril (2.5mg) I am 45 years, 172 cm tall and weigh 72 kg, BMI 24, athletic (daily 60 min cycling or walking) In April of this year I had to go to a hospital, because of my spine , When ECG I was asked if I had ever had a heart attack, which I said no. The next day I was given a heart catheter and attested that I did not have an infarct, but …. Please read the result in the attachment. Then I was treated by the family doctor with metoprolol and ramipril and had pretty much all the side effects that are in the leaflet. Metoprolol was replaced by Nebilet in July. Since then, the side effects are lower, but it has adjusted to a daily irregular heart pressure and a heart piercing around the heart. The main pain is about four fingers above the left nipple, a stabbing pain that lasts about ten minutes and gradually fades away. Sometimes it also starts at the top of the heart and stops after 360 degrees. It means that the pain will march around the heart once within several hours, once it is more of a pressure, the next moment is a sting. Since my last visit to the cardiologist, to whom I have again told everything in detail, I should now additionally take morning and evening 1 PENTALONG tablet. Five months ago, I did not have anything yet and now I swallow six tablets daily. Is that the last word of wisdom? Where does that come from? Is it dangerous? Is it the medication? Are there any alternatives to my medications that will fix the problem? Unfortunately, since I have to take the medication, I do not feel well at all and do not dare to burden myself with cycling like I did before, because I’m afraid that I’m trying too hard and I suffer a heart collapse.

  3. Kathleen E. Wilson says:
    3.5 rating

    Bystolic for Heart failure; High blood pressure

    I have had to take ramipril for four months after being diagnosed with heart failure and hypertension during a stay in the hospital (because of the spine). I am 45 years, 172 cm tall and weigh 72 kg. My BMI is 24, I do a lot of cycling and am still desperate. Since taking Ramipril, I’ve had pressure and stitch problems in my heart at irregular intervals. From the family doctor I received after the hospital Metoprolol, which I did not tolerate at all. After that, he granted me Nebilet, so that at least the strong palpitations disappeared. The o.a. Heart problems. Which alternatives are there to the Ramipril ??? Before my stay in the clinic, I was actually fine, I had no heart problems. Who can give me useful advice?

    Side effects: Breast pain