Diovan for Heart attack treatment

We have 75 consumer reports for treatment of Heart attack with Diovan. Heart attack used in 4% of cases.

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  1. Patricia J. Taylor says:
    4.0 rating

    Diovan for Heart attack

    After infarction I got the drug Diovan and had no problems over many years. Then I was put on Valsartan and since that time I suffered in the past 3 years since Mediwechsel in very strong hives all over. I could eat almost nothing without having wheals all over my body, including the whole head. I then discontinued valsartan and have since had no more problems with hives. Now I am looking for an alternative product or a natural alternative.

  2. Kristina M. Robert says:
    3.0 rating

    Diovan for Heart attack

    Internal restlessness, anxiety attacks, sleep disturbances, I have to lie down each afternoon from 16.00 o’clock (at least until 19.00 o’clock), so that the blood pressure does not derail. Add. taken drugs (Diovan) show no effect. No more stress possible. One deals exclusively with one’s own blood pressure values, no more quality of life! I take except the o.a. Medicines still L-Thyrox 100 (Struma), HCT 25mg and Sortis 40mg (since the infarction). The side effects did not occur until after taking Diovan.

  3. Dustin M. Castro says:
    2.5 rating

    Diovan for Heart attack

    Take morning and evening 50mg metoprolol, and in the morning and in the evening 40mg Diovan. Should take morning and evening 80mg Diovan. But was a nightmare, severe dizziness and Rhytmusstörung. Now take 40mg Diovan is but a little better. Always in the beginning dizziness blood pressure 100 / 55 pulse 50.After 2 hours a little better. Have to talk again with cardiologist.