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We have 276 consumer reports for treatment of Hallucinations with Zyprexa. Hallucinations used in 1% of cases.

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  1. Juan A. Potter says:
    2.5 rating

    Zyprexa for Hallucinations

    I have 25kg increased within 2 months. Have not eaten, but my metabolism was so slow. Have also got problems with breathing. Bronchial asthma.

    Side effects: Increase in weight
  2. Kenneth T. Wilson says:
    4.0 rating

    Zyprexa for Hallucinations; Depression

    had taken Zyprexa, Ciatyl, Tavor, Valium, Rohypnol during a hospital treatment against my will in 2005. With this compulsory medication, particularly with Ciatyl, very severe movement disorders developed. My head wanted to break away from my own neck, better said, my facial muscles were out of control and the tongue muscles, the salivation was unstoppable. At the same time, my neck swelled unpredictably and at times was only able to wheeze for help and I cramped on my knees and in all directions to the ward doctor because I almost suffocated. My shoulders also somehow pressed against my chest and lungs. Every meter felt like 1km. This Ciatyl D was injected into IM for 4-5 days on depot! Tavor made me feel drunk and numb in my mind, as if your thoughts were starting to squint and can not recognize anything. I was not allowed to depose Zyprexa, I was even put in my mouth during a forced fixation, as I spit it out again I got injected half an hour later with 500mg of Valium -Ciatyl intramuscularly. When this was finally flushed out, I was forced to continue to take Zyprexa orally, otherwise the Memminger senior physician Dr. med. Roth me Ciatyl continue to inject depot. At first, you do not get the effect, then subtle sensations slow down. Plants and flowers that normally give you a cozy feeling, through their aesthetics and creativity of our nature, are no longer perceived as living. It defused my individual relation to this zest for life and energy source – it made me duller day by day – for 30 days against my will! For this I have about 20 kilos in 3 weeks increased – even involuntary -but the hunger feeling was unbreakable. When I was finally able to decide to stop my inpatient treatment myself, I did so immediately and canceled Zyprexa. For the first two weeks I thought I was missing something in my chest – myself! I can not describe it differently, but that’s exactly what I felt. As if my soul had been shot through my chest with a cannonball. At the same time there was a feeling of being on it, which is pressed down like a spring, springs back under tension and makes you consciously punch into your stomach. Honestly, until today I just do not feel like the one I used to be, or my natural evolution would have taken a different course. The Rohypnol Schlamittel definitely makes you tired but it just makes you light in the brain and causes extreme memory gaps and disorientation since the end of 2009 until today I have dyskinesias that have developed from one day to the other. First, my legs beat out uncontrollably and the entire lower extremities, my head exploded to the side or I shake myself like a dog coming out of the water for a few seconds. I have that as well as every day or evening and at night when you relax, it occurs most often – at times very violent -when the joint explodes to the bone stop. The cause of these symptoms could not be clarified by the doctor and I was sent back to the psychiatrist. The cause could be RLS or Tourette’s syndrome, but for me there is definitely an irreconsible late dyskinesia (non-reversible movement disorders) in question. In any case, such movement disturbances never occurred before the Ciatyl D medication. This certainly does not treat anybody – whether human or animal. The derzeiitigen Unterbirngungsgesetze stink to the sky, the Bavarian forward! who compensates me appropriately now? -in today pensioners, welfare recipients and AU? Kto.Nr and BLZ I inform you on request!