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  1. Susan A. Lehmann says:
    4.5 rating

    Abilify for Hallucinations

    I took Abilify / Arpoya for a few weeks. Only 5mg and slowly increased up to 15mg. In parallel, Amisulprid of 125mg down. Until 10mg Abilify I felt like a bad drug addiction but after 1 week 10mg intake disappeared. Then I felt pretty clear, but since I was very tired and tired, I always took these in the evening. Slight sleep disorders occurred but were still ok. Slight sweats. With the 15mg intake, I was not so good, despite holding out several days, it did not get better. The sweat dripped so only after a little effort so from the face there were extreme riots and despite taking in the morning I just can not sleep. The senses and nerves were extremely awake and sitting as well as lying at night was almost impossible. As uncomfortable as it almost hurt. The head simply did not go down tiredly from the illuminated waking. The muscles were like rubber in the legs, powerless and limp and I was totally joyless. Felt like a robot. Despite down dosing on 10mg then on 5mg the side effects did not end. The extreme so-called seat discomfort has now become much less at 2.5mg, the subdued joyless feeling is gone, and light sweats have become very rare. The symptoms of hearing the voices did not go away even at 15mg, so I had to top up the Amisulprid all the time. In my opinion, the Amisulprid for hearing voices is still the best remedy, but I have gained 20kg in a short time so I wanted to prove Abilify. Since the side effects of Abilify for me were too unbearable and the symptoms of hallucinations were not resolved, I can not recommend it in this regard. Now at 2.5mg (dissolved in the water, because not divisible) I finally feel well again have strength in my legs and feel again joy in life and the drive is back again. Will it in the next 3 days kpl. let slip out. Have within 2 weeks then creep from 15mg to 0mg and get no Absetzsymptome or the like. Now I also have ADHD and get Ritalin, which might be the reason why it did not bring the desired effect for me. It was worth a try, but climb back to Amisulprid which helps me in low dosage at 125mg very well against the stimulation! I hope I could help with my experience.

  2. Lisa K. Esquivel says:
    4.0 rating

    Abilify for Dissociative disturbance; Hallucinations; Post-traumatic stress disorder

    had multiple strong cramps of the arms, neck, hands and feet. Very painful. Left temporarily with Akineton. During the whole time I could not sit still, concentrate on anything, or stay calm. Nothing went, even with exercise it did not get better. In addition there were extreme sleep disturbances (which had not previously existed to such an extent). The benefits (decrease in dissociation, flashbacks, hallucinations etc) were less than the damage

  3. Brent T. Belcher says:
    4.0 rating

    Abilify for Hallucinations; Psychosis

    One day, 10 years ago, I started to hear voices. But only went to the doctor when I could not stand it anymore. The diagnosed schizophrenia and I were prescribed amisulpride. This worked within a very short time and turned off the votes. At first I only got 100mg, but thats not much, I know people who take 600mg daily. Despite the low dose, my body now changed, gaining almost 20 kg (from 66 kg to 86 kg for a 1.80 m middle-aged man). During this weight gain, I always felt I was not properly in my body, but that’s over now. Also, the weight gain came to a standstill, the weight now remains at 86 to 87 kg, where I must practice discipline while eating, but have no food cravings, otherwise no other side effects. The regular dose is now 200 mg daily. Because this constant feeling of fullness and the swollen abdomen went to the cookie, I asked for a medication that does not make you fat. We then tried it with Abilify. Already in the pharmacy the shock: Abilify costs a multiple of Amisulprid and I had to pay 10 euros, which I do not have to Amisulprid. After taking 10 mg Abilify extreme restlessness, a tingling and pulsing throughout the body, so I could not sleep at night. In spite of Abilify, the voices came back, so the dose should have been increased, which would have worsened sleep problems. After a few days of Abilify, I returned to Amisulprid. I’m still waiting until a drug is developed that I tolerate and that does not make me fat.

    Side effects: Tingle; Increase in weight; Unrest