Prednisolone for Fibromyalgia treatment

We have 513 consumer reports for treatment of Fibromyalgia with Prednisolone. Fibromyalgia used in 1% of cases.

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  1. Janie R. Kim says:
    4.0 rating

    Prednisolone for Fibromyalgia; Rheumatism

    the pain in the left arm, (shoulder and muscle area) is suppressed. After short-term discontinuation of the drug again came on violent pain. After about 4 weeks of taking the drug it started in my joints with heavy cracking, it affects all my joints. That’s not so bad, but lately I realize that the drug has no positive effect on my bones or articular cartilage. Have suddenly a terrible effect on my cervix and other joints (pain and stiffness of the affected joints) I will slowly stop the drug. Just hope that the side effects, after taking this drug, someday be balanced by the body.

  2. Helena P. Wise says:
    3.5 rating

    Prednisolone for Fibromyalgia

    Trigger points were still sensitive to pain, the whole body was stunned, no activities could be performed, as immediately trouble breathing occurred

    Side effects: Movement restriction
  3. Dorothy J. Adams says:
    3.5 rating

    Prednisolone for Fibromyalgia; Ulcerative colitis

    significant weight gain v.a. in the abdominal area (about 10kg), full moon face, increased appetite, skin bleeding (spider veins, hematoma), thinning of the skin, causing the veins are highly visible throughout the body, stretch marks, acne, rash around eyes and nose, general fatigue, mood swings, muscle weakness ( Pulling in the whole body, especially left arm)