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We have 739 consumer reports for treatment of Fibromyalgia with Cymbalta. Fibromyalgia used in 7% of cases.

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  1. Roger J. Wigington says:
    3.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Fibromyalgia

    A drug like this is very individual to look at. For a short time after taking 1 x 30 mg, unfortunately, I have had severe side effects. Maybe sneaking over a smaller dose would be possible, but then you would have to remove the individual pellets from the dragee and count – that was then too cumbersome. On the other hand, my circle of acquaintances gave me best experiences with Cymbalta in connection with fibromyalgia, which were also confirmed by the closest friends of the affected person. The fibromyalgia-related symptoms had almost disappeared at a dose of 1-1-1. So, the drug or psychotropic drugs are different for everyone. Do not demonize anything but try it out individually. There are many approaches. Unfortunately, in my case, I generally do not tolerate SSRI’s or SNRI’s. – & gt; Trial & amp; Error

    Side effects: Difficulties swallowing
  2. Ruby S. Heid says:
    2.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Fibromyalgia

    Cymbalta is certainly a drug, which have primarily brought to my nerves to rest. However, I experienced a gradual change in my psyche that I do not like. The first two months I took 30mg each day. Then I tried to stop the medication. Today I am on the 10th day without Cymbalta, but feel the back pain more violent than perhaps before. In addition I have to say that with me the vegetative disturbances are stronger like the muscle pain. I have to vomit after taking Cymbalta. No fatigue, severe concentration problems, hair loss, altered psyche.

  3. Casandra B. Dixon says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for High blood pressure; Sleep disorders; Fibromyalgia; Depression

    I started in 2006 with amitriptyline 100mg because of massive drowsiness and staying asleep, which also helped me well for 2 years. Until sleep disorders occurred again. Medi was then converted to initially 15mg mirtazapine (2 weeks), then to 30mg mirtazapine. In those 4 years, I have gained a total of 25kg, dry mouth, sex.Unlust, often indifference, listlessness, water retention throughout the body, but I was able to fall asleep quickly and slept through my 6-8h, was rested. Since the beginning of the year, I try to get along without Mirtazapin, which is still very difficult. Cymbalta is supposed to lower the pain threshold, but if I work a lot physically hard I still have to take Diclo acutely to be able to withstand the pain

  4. Richard C. Dutil says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Fibromyalgia; Depression

    Since the beginning of intake, conversion of Mydocalm, permanent diarrhea, sweaty, lighter but longer sleep. But I feel better as before!

    Side effects: Diarrhea; Sleep disorders; Sweat