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  1. Jason B. Dobbs says:
    3.5 rating

    Seroquel for Hallucinations; Fatigue; Sleep disorders; Depression

    I have been taking Remergil for 2 months, the dose was only 15 mg and then increased to 30 mg, because the desired effect was not shown. Then the dose was reduced to 15 mg and I got the Cipralex in the morning (first 5 mg then 10 mg). So far, I still notice no change in mood swings. And since 7 days I get the Seroquel which really helps very well against my voice hearing. Unfortunately, I have increased by the Remergil within the time of taking 11 pounds. This is very stressful for me because I’m in a depression 🙁

    Side effects: Increase in weight
  2. Taryn J. Joyce says:
    3.5 rating

    Seroquel for A headache; Fatigue

    currently 100 mg Seroquel, with terrible drowsiness, morning lead heavy, can hardly get out of bed, just terrible. Maybe Perazin is better

    Side effects: Weakness; Dizziness
  3. Bridgett D. Cowell says:
    4.5 rating

    Seroquel for Fatigue; Aggressiveness; Mood swings; Sleep disorders

    I take such medicines for the first time. Suffered for 1.5 years under panic attacks, anxiety in the dark and thus sleep synonymous. Was last year 16 weeks in hospital because of that and got from August 2009 Seroquel and seroquel Porolong. Initially, I’m just very tired and lacking in drive. After increasing the dose, am I even interposed at a tipping point and was like the whole day next to me. After I’ve now over 12Kilo increased, and I absolutely can not afford to increase more. I have tingling in my hands and feet. Since taking in august earshot, lack of drive, no more lust for something. Skin problems, itchy rash that I’ve never had before, heart and pulse racing, heavy breathing, feeling stifling, always a dry throat “Known and friends speak to me on it that I cool and aggressive / seriously come over and this memory loss. Without me directly to make a phone call, I forgot everything right back, what in the society is not exactly funny over. Ask me how far it is still to go, I am only 30j.Ist no great Lebensgefühl.aber you will certainly know

  4. Leslie J. Wetzel says:
    4.0 rating

    Seroquel for Heart rhythm disturbances; Fatigue

    I have had good experiences with Prothazine. The connection between Valdoxan and Seropuel led to strongly changing moods, circulatory disorders and listlessness. The intake also led to my loss of appetite has subsided and my weight has returned to normal.

  5. Mary D. Smith says:
    4.5 rating

    Seroquel for Overweight; Fatigue

    Hello I got bipolar disorder with psychotic disorder 8 years ago. During the acute phase I was given Valium and, among others, Temesta. Have both medications well tolerated and came out of the acute phase very quickly. After the first hospital stay (I had 3 hospital stays, the first 3 years of my illness, then no more serious disorders) Zyprexa was prescribed me, but made me extremely tired and my subjective feeling had developed rather negative, that was very fast discontinued. After the first negative experience, I stopped taking medication and became ill again after a few months – & gt; speak 2nd hospital stay. Already during the second hospital stay I was given Solian, which I tolerated quite well, except for the very unpleasant side effect I unfortunately had with lactation. That’s why Solian was discontinued. Now for almost 8 years I take Seroquel and Depakine. The first 4 years I had to struggle with the weight. I have gained about 25 kg. The weight gain again had a negative impact on my psyche. I did not want to take any additional medication. I moved daily thereafter (for example, walking normally for 1 hour a day) and had to reduce the food. Have lost about 20 kg again, but honestly always struggling with the weight. Unfortunately, that does not get any easier with age. BUT: I have for some years no significant disturbances and hospital stays more! For 3-4 years I have additional side effects, suddenly increased hair loss and skin problems (eczema) z.T. Allergies (probably caused by Depakine). Did not have this at the beginning of taking Depakine! Therefore, this will now be examined in more detail with a dermatologist and possibly a replacement of Depakine considered, but no idea by which drug!

  6. Mary W. Kessler says:
    4.5 rating

    Seroquel for Burnout syndrome; Fatigue; Depression

    I broke down 1 1/2 years ago with a burnout. Add to that depression and guilt with a pronounced helper syndrome. I work in the medical field and have the feeling to have to help everyone. I have been successfully employed on Trevilor 150 retard and 75 retard for over a year now. In addition I take Mirtazapine 60 mg in the evening. I was with the drugs and doses super eingsetellt. I only told my doctor that I often sink in thoughts, then I should take in the evening in addition Seroquel 25 mg (I started n. Plan with a tablet and should now every 2 days by 1 tablet increase to a total of 4 Tbl.). But this did not happen. On Saturday evening I took the first tbl and immediately became extremely tired. I was paralyzed. In the morning I woke up and almost could not walk, I felt like swelling everything (neck, chest etc.), the kidneys and all the bones hurt me. I first thought of a viral infection …. over the day it became more violent. I could barely walk, had extreme vertigo attacks, a lot of everything out of my hand and I was completely beside the track, in addition were sweating, tremors, extreme restlessness, muscle twitching, speech difficulties, nausea, heart rhythm disturbances, nightmare, diarrhea. I was partly aggressive, whiny just at the end. In the evening I did not take the Seroquel. Today (Monday) it started almost the same early in the morning. I panicked, was alone at home. I immediately called my friend, who drove me to my doctor. He discontinued the medication immediately because I had all the side effects that were listed. This was a horror trip of the highest degree. I am now getting better and I’m glad that I did not take it yesterday. I have now prescribed Perazin, but now I see the whole thing very skeptical. I should only take it in an emergency.

  7. Rebecca G. Jessup says:
    3.0 rating

    Seroquel for Fatigue; Depression

    Feels like a foreign body is in your head. You can not feel the brain .. as if it were dead. Quite strange .. can not think. But somehow it is a nice feeling, because the bad thoughts are turned off. I am satisfied with the medication and will take it for some time. Note: I take Seroquel only at night .. can sleep very well now.

    Side effects: No side effects