Cymbalta for Fatigue treatment

We have 739 consumer reports for treatment of Fatigue with Cymbalta. Fatigue used in 1% of cases.

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  1. Tiffany J. Cunningham says:
    2.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Fatigue; Depression

    I have been taking cymbalta for 9 months. I found that the effect started very late. In the beginning I only had intercurrents as a side effect. Hair loss and restless legs syndrome then came to an acceptable extent. Now, nine months have passed and the desired effect stays out. it does not really work. in the time I have 4 kg increased. had formerly remergil.wirkung good and 17kg on it, despite sport.

    Side effects: Hair loss; Increase in weight
  2. John D. Phillips says:
    3.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Fatigue; Pain (chronic)

    First, the tilidine dosage (including drops) was continuously increased to the maximum level of tolerability. Side effects are increased aggression, search for conflicts, limited perceptions, limited judgment. In combination with Cymbalta, first connected with drowsiness, then irrational perception (discussion with my beard hair, conversations with cupboard, suicidal thoughts, after repeated change of dosage (Cymbalta more, tilidine less) and timely ingestion -all 12 hours- decrease in pain Tolleranzgefühl disturbed and increasing Aggresivität.May not even stop the medication.A few weeks ago, the first suicide attempt.

    Side effects: Aggressiveness
  3. Donna L. Davis says:
    5.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Fatigue; Depression

    In the first month of use, I have serious concerns about whether to continue taking the drug. But I just read through the side effects and after consulting with my family doctor, I decided to take it further. For about 1 week, I feel no more agitation and, above all, no more tightness in the throat, which I suffered for a long time. So I can say that the medication helps and hope that I can enjoy my life again, which I wish you all too.

    Side effects: No side effects