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  1. Peter B. Ingersoll says:
    4.0 rating

    Prednisolone for Dizziness; Tinnitus

    As part of my treatment of the acoustic neuroma and after stationary stay in the hospital for infusion treatment according to Stennert (to the actual infusion also cortisone was administered intravenously), my ENT doctor prescribed me to taper the therapy prednisolone in small doses. Since I myself tend to underweight and due to lack of hormones (premature birth) as a man have a quite feminine appearance (high voice, poor ability to build muscle), (my twin brother had the testes within the body at birth), I had the side effects of this Therapy rather benefit! I craved and gained 5 kilograms of body weight within a week. Instead of the otherwise spurned drinking water I took 2 liters of it daily and ate like a pregnant woman or a caterpillar, and also things that I never wanted to eat before, especially a lot of cheese and twice to three times the amount of meat, but also more fruit and chocolate, although I previously ate 1-2 plates a month. I never had a feeling of fullness, at most I could tell from the pressure in my stomach that it was enough. My conclusion: When I read the package leaflet, it was no wonder to me that this drug leads to positive doping tests (probably just in the field of weight training), and it also surprised me not that this hormone-based drug can make one aggressive , However, it only made me a little impatient, energetic and (original sound of my partner) more masculine. Especially skinny and feminine men need not worry about this drug, people who tend to be overweight anyway and massive hormones probably already have.

  2. Chadwick L. Diamond says:
    4.0 rating

    Prednisolone for Dizziness

    After the shock therapy with 3 applications, therapy was switched to tablet form. Initially with 90mg in the morning, then spread to the day, then dose down to 80mg and now to 60mg descending by 2mg less a day. At first I was fine, but after about a week, it started with euphoria, turning up, racing heart. In contrast, there are now drugs that are designed to keep the adrenaline under control. This was accompanied by dizziness that does not even go away when you turn your head, balance problems when walking. Fast walking is no longer possible. I get pimples / acne on my back, on my face, on the tip of my tongue and on my neck. My skin, especially on the hands, looks dry, white and wrinkled, like someone older. I’m only 42. I’m fat, constantly hungry, water retention under the eyes, get a big face and can only tilt my head back with difficulty (bull’s neck). Problems with climbing stairs. I have the feeling of being powerless. For some time furry taste in the mouth. Somehow everything tastes bland and carbonated, for example in Cola triggers a burning on the tongue. I have the impression that the hair grows slower and the nails softer. From time to time I have blurred vision, so blurred, sometimes left right times. Ophthalmologist examined, all i.O., probably comes from this devil stuff. I was declared unfit for driving, very good, then I can kill myself right away, where I’m not far away. Oh yes and I think I have a funny smell on me or I smell too bad. I just want to get rid of that stuff. That’s the worst thing I’ve ever come across drug and about which I was never enlightened by anyone.

  3. Patricia G. Cook says:
    4.0 rating

    Prednisolone for Dizziness; Tinnitus

    More side effects than it has ever worked. Starting with 100 mg, there it was still good postpone.Have felt very fit, except for the increased dizziness.Before the drug started it then. Hot flashes without end, a rest pulse of 120, which was very unpleasant. In addition to inner restlessness, anxiety and panic attacks. Also very strong circulatory problems. A week’s weaning is still much too fast pulse, totally annoying. If possible, fingers away from it!