Gabapentin for Disc prolapse treatment

We have 253 consumer reports for treatment of Disc prolapse with Gabapentin. Disc prolapse used in 6% of cases.

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  1. Ronald A. Rodriquez says:
    3.0 rating

    Gabapentin for Sleep disorders; Disc prolapse; Pain (chronic)

    When morphine I have no problems with the conversion. By lyrica on gabapentin, however, strong conversion problems. Exclusion and pustules on the skin, associated with itching. Syneudon after taking a strong feeling of fatigue and in the morning a very strong tongue.

    Side effects: Fatigue
  2. Carl E. Maher says:
    4.0 rating

    Gabapentin for Depression; Disc prolapse; Neuralgia; Pain (chronic)

    Since I take Norspan our sexual life is currently disturbed. But thanks to Norspan, I have been able to stop taking other medications and maybe save my liver. Normally we had sex 1-2 times a day. Since the Norspan there was not anything else but today and it was weird. He became stiff, but that’s about it. The last and the back (that is the other pain) and the legs felt numb at exertion (after the effort immediately back to normal) Does anyone know the problem? does that go away with time? 2nd problem I have absolutely no appetite and if my wife says let’s eat something, comes up against the food again. Before I wanted to make diet and it was difficult, but no smoker I weigh 90 kg and have to take weight off the back as I had increased thanks to cortisone. Currently, however, I am afraid, because I can eat real kiein eat more and I have to bite every bit of pure. This is not exactly pleasant, because I wieß that I have to eat, but despite normal taste only fies oist.

    Side effects: Deafness feelings; Anorexia
  3. Mable A. Newberry says:
    3.0 rating

    Gabapentin for Disc prolapse

    I have tilidine 5xtgl. 20 Tr. taken.Has worked well in combination with the other drugs. Was for the first time after 2.5 years really 24 hours painless. After 5 months I have the Tilidindosis on 3xtgl.20Tr. I went down, as I have the disturbances in memory and the permanent tiredness as increasingly disturbing. There was a great sadness (depression?), Which flattened after about 3 months. But I can live with that, because of the painlessness I could walk upright and again over longer distances. Since July 08 all pain is gone and I try to stop the medication altogether. After I tried to stop everything at once, but this had terrible withdrawal symptoms / pain result, I now taste carefully at lower doses zoom. Is tedious and has the worst side again the great sadness in the luggage, but I want to get rid of it and so I have to go through there then. At the moment I’m 12Tr at tomorrow. Tilidine and in the evening 16 drops and ibuprofen I reduced to half-900 mg and gabapentin by one-third to 600 mg. I’ve noticed that I often feel very powerless and feel like I can not get my feet up. But that is only the case if I have not taken my tilidinration yet. After taking it takes about 30 minutes and I’m totally fit. So also a doping agent. I did not discover this effect until the end of August. Really good help with the exit is not good to get. I had a great general practitioner who unfortunately closed his practice. The pain clinic that I visited now did not really help me either. I’ve been that far before. Can the withdrawal actually be made stationary? If I’ve done it, I’ll get back to you. Greetings Olivia

  4. Darrell B. Sessions says:
    2.0 rating

    Gabapentin for Disc prolapse

    Spinal surgery 1999, then pain free. Car accident 2004, pain occurs again. From then on Tramadol 400-600mg daily. October 2008 Change to Gabapentin. (Reason for the change: At times, nausea caused by tramadol also claimed the doctors I would be Tramadol-dependent). Side effects of gabapentin: Weight gain, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, vision problems (need reading glasses and often see only blurry). As soon as I work something I’m in great pain despite gabapentin.

  5. Lisa W. Thompson says:
    3.5 rating

    Gabapentin for Disc prolapse

    Aggressiveness, nervousness, depression in the form of fears of the future u. Hopelessness. But I have almost no pain and basically can do everything that I enjoy. So, ask yourself, which is better ….

  6. Susan R. Wakefield says:
    2.0 rating

    Gabapentin for Disc prolapse; Pain (acute)

    For 2 years I have extremely strong back pain, caused lt. Doctor by a herniated disc and age-related wear. Various analgesics were given, e.g. Meloxicam [no effect], Ibuprofen 800 [no effect, except side effect: stomach problems] now Votaren resinat, minimal effect. Gabapentin since the end of October. Immediate good effect, I had quality of life again and could walk well.Dosierung: 3 x 1 capsule. Unfortunately, I was looking forward to early, only 14 days I was reasonably well, now I can take the capsules, but leave it, the pain is back as usual and I do not even want to run. It is unbearable – too bad! According to the leaflet, the dosage can be increased, I can not ask my doctor until mid-December. I do not know if I should just do it ???

    Side effects: No side effects
  7. Paula J. Lipscomb says:
    3.5 rating

    Gabapentin for Arthrosis; Fibromyalgia; Muscle cramps; Disc prolapse

    Dose-dependent fatigue when gabapentin is overdosed. The combination of the preparations helps me very well, finally I am free of the chronic pain.

    Side effects: Fatigue