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  1. Nicholas C. Quinn says:
    3.0 rating

    Risperdal for Depression; Psychosis

    Halllo !! At Risperdal, I also gained 8 kilos within 5 months! At Trevelor slowly but surely about 5 kg. This doctor gave me 2 minutes of talk time. I changed the family doctor and the psychiatric doctor. Lithium as profile ax for stabilization. Every day 900 mg / 86 in the blood value good Seroquel 300 for sleeping> & gt; & gt; & gt; & gt; & gt; & gt; & gt; & gt; & gt; & gt; & gt; After 4 years Citalopram does not help against depression 40 mg.

  2. Wayne T. Scarbrough says:
    4.5 rating

    Risperdal for Schizophrenia; Depression; Psychosis

    Hello my friends of good pharmacy taste, after 2 psychoses I take Risperdal 4mg since 4 years. Diagnosis in the compulsory treatment schizophrenia, now treating amulant psychiatrist Schizoaffective disorder, my modest as well as often not acknowledged own opinion manic-depressive. Effect: Psychosevermeidend Side effects: Libido loss, nightmares, tiredness, listlessness, depression, change in nature, weight gain, sleep disorders After a few months you can probably tolerate the stuff more or less. Side effects as described. from time to time. Weight gain from 85 to 105 kg, so 20kg. Depending on the dosage, the side effects increase or decrease. More than 4mg I believe I have not been forcibly prescribed. 6mg is likely to make just about every rebellious psycho prisoner mellow and submissive. Have fun with it and with the treating physicians

  3. Stephen V. Johnston says:
    2.0 rating

    Risperdal for Depression

    on Trevilor I have extreme problems with the bladder, which is uncomfortable with a paraplegia. otherwise I have not noticed any major side effects, which is good as well the mood is much better, with rapid reduction or discontinuation of the drug, increased pressure in the head (feeling the skullcap stands out)

    Side effects: Withdrawal symptoms
  4. Daisy C. Payton says:
    4.5 rating

    Risperdal for Depression

    I was in my early 20s when I got Risperdal monthly as a custodian. At that time I was in a depressive state. After taking Risperdal, diffuse fears and social withdrawal were added. More than half of my hair fell off, I did not get any menstruation, had muscle rigidity, was no longer able to wash my hair independently or unscrew a Selte bottle, Muscle weakness. My prolactin level was elevated, which leads to an increase of male hormones in the woman. I felt like I had sex and so did others. Facial stiffness expressed itself in the fact that other people constantly asked me why I stare at them so questioningly. That came from the Risperdal.

  5. Maurice R. Morrow says:
    5.0 rating

    Risperdal for Dissociative disturbance; Borderline; Depression

    Venlafaxin: I was pretty sick at the beginning and I felt restless. In the evening I had sleep problems, which I actually have, but I felt it was getting worse. This went away after 4 weeks but the sleep problems remained. The dose had to be increased, after the 4 weeks, however, and the same started from the beginning. I also had absolute libido problems at the beginning. In the meantime, I got the maximum dose of 375 mg, which later was reduced to 225 mg, which I then took until recently, because it just did not bring much and I got another drug (Elontril). It helped a lot against my impulsivity in the beginning, but later it got more and more relaxed. Later in the case means after about 2 years. Other medicines such as Cymbalta or other sertonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors, however, have done nothing. Risperidone: Risperidone left me relatively relaxed and a little tired, but otherwise I did not experience any side effects. I took 2 mg of it a day. My susceptibility to fall into a dissotiation was noticeably lower and I felt better with this drug. Clonidine: From clonidine, I realized that I was calmer and did not feel the urge to hurt myself. I had no side effects. Neurocil: From Neurocil I noticed a fast sedative effect, which was very strong for me. I just wanted to sleep afterwards and had problems talking. My thoughts were very funny and totally confused.

  6. Normand L. Funderburk says:
    4.5 rating

    Risperdal for Depression

    Incontinence with Risperidone! Hello; About two years ago, I was prescribed the combination of fluoxetine and risperidone for my depression and anxiety attacks. The effect soon became noticeable. I felt more balanced and calmer. Then it happened more often that I woke up in a wet bed (luckily I had no bed neighbor at the time ;-)) and after consultation with the neurologist I discontinued risperidone and switched to Seroquel, whereupon the wetness quickly disappeared again. I thought it was a pity, because so far, risperidone has been the best neuroleptic I have used.

    Side effects: Incontinence
  7. Cordell A. Spurgeon says:
    4.5 rating

    Risperdal for Depression

    I was prescribed Risperdal for depression. The doctor assured me that this was the usual application and studies had proven the effectiveness (according to my research both untrue). Side effects started already an hour later, unbearable spasms in the legs accompanied by infernal pain. The doctor assured me that would settle (I had the impression she just does not believe me). The pain became stronger, my depression increased to an unprecedented level and I had nightmares that I woke up sweaty every night. Finally, I discontinued the drug on my own responsibility, the side effects then lessened within a good week again. Experience has shown that other doctors are crazy about prescribing the stuff no matter what.

  8. Tom M. Pate says:
    4.0 rating

    Risperdal for Hallucinations; Depression

    At the time, I got the medicine for depression and hallucinations caused by psychosis. In question stood against the depression, a combination with an antidepressant but I refused. As a side effect, I can only say that I was standing next to me and had problems concentrating on me. The further I was afraid only alone in the house, then alone on a floor and in the end even afraid to stay alone in a room. Still, I have to say that the Medikamnt helped me recognize my illness, which was then resolved by a talk therapy, which is still a long and tedious process. I bekem the drug both creeping in and out, where I had severe problems with the discontinuation because I got withdrawal symptoms and the dosage had to put on a new high (the exact dosage I can not remember, is too long ago and I have displaced much of the time, because I still remember that it was then – for me personally – high doses).

  9. Dorothy D. Lingenfelter says:
    3.5 rating

    Risperdal for Sleep disorders; Depression; Psychosis

    Haldol and Risperidon … Hellendinger! But well … They work differently for each … In Haldol I suffered from painful gaze spasms, extrapyramidal movement disorders, mild tremors in the arms and legs and after weaning occurred almost 5 months of persisting insomnia, only by diazepane intravenously was suspended for just 4 hours. Risperdal had similar side effects … tremor and uneasiness or something … Both drugs made me helpless and desperate! Amitriptyline made little mention of it … The drive got better … However, it caused a mania and confusion … And Seroquel … Works okay, but even at a low dosage of 100-0-100 it has strange emotional deafness caused! Good that I do not take all these fucking things anymore …..

  10. Norma T. Rivera says:
    2.0 rating

    Risperdal for Hebephrenia; Borderline; Depression; Psychosis

    – underneath risperdal – stiffness of the neck, palpitations, fatigue, aggressiveness – after lowering of the risperdal mirror (due to strong weight gain refusal of medication by patients) – under cibralex – nausea vomiting very changeable mood – under seroquel – at the beginning delusional disorders, muscle twitching (facial expression), after restlessness phases doubled in the evening drug; ennorme weight gain in the first half of the year over 30 kilos after 10 kilos; medication now 400; in spite of diet rich in fiber, the overweight remains; increased liver values have been proven; disturbances in concentration in the afternoon are very marked, as well as facial muscle twitching in connection with high feelings of sadness; ask for my part: is this a biblical disorder ??