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We have 36 consumer reports for treatment of Depression with Remeron. Depression used in 50% of cases.

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  1. Geraldine S. Anderson says:
    4.5 rating

    Remeron for Depression

    1) I absolutely could not tolerate REMERON. Very bad were the sporadic paralysis on the arms and legs. In addition, I was constantly suicidal. I have – as with most antidepressants – absolutely paradoxical. Therefore, we had to stop treatment with Remeron; I was just a vegetable. 2) DEANXIT: Again, we had to cancel the exercise after a month. I did not feel anything, reacted to anything; Because of the lack of responsiveness on the street (pedestrian stripe), I barely escaped an accident and was not even able to procure a liter of milk on my own. I have always stood next to me, watching myself from the outside, feeling nothing but nothing at all. It was terrible! I then started talking therapy and it worked wonders. There I was able to spread all my concrete fears and develop survival strategies with the therapist. My energy returned mostly within 8-12 weeks; but also thanks to a 3-week recovery in the mountains, where every day exercise in every form was announced. I also incorporate the movement every day. With movement – preferably in the fresh air – I can make up for coming feelings of depression very quickly.

  2. Adam C. Schneider says:
    4.5 rating

    Remeron for Depression

    I have been prescribed Remeron and Cipralex for fear of anxiety, obsession and depression. Currently take 30 mg Remeron and 20 mg Cipralex. The Remeron was intended as sleep medicine. Unfortunately did not work and does not make it until today. Cipralex was for obsessive thoughts and depression. It helped in the beginning but by now the effect has fizzled out. I am always extremely tense and the mindset I notice the whole day. To Remeron is to say the following: I had then considered whether I should take it because of the poor reviews in terms of weight gain but had then decided to do it. Today I would not do that again. I’ve gained 30 kilos in a very short time. Some people are supposed to literally fall over with fatigue. That’s not the case with me. Despite the intake I could not sleep well and I also had sleep problems with another drug (was an antiallergic but can not remember the name). Furthermore, I had the feeling as if my legs could not stand still. Restless leg syndrome.

  3. Pamela J. Henshaw says:
    4.0 rating

    Remeron for Depression; Sleep disorders

    I have been taking Remeron 30mg for about 4 months since I could not sleep for weeks and that’s why I fell into a severe depression. Thanks to the Remeron I can finally sleep through again, but still have strong sleep problems (lie up to 2 hours awake until I finally can sleep). I have no side effects. Have not found a good additional medi with which I can fall asleep faster. Although I take since 4 weeks in addition to the Seroquel in a very low dosage (12.5mg), but I have stronger irritable bowel symptoms, ie indigestion and water retention, weight gain … try the Seroquel discontinued again because the side effects are too stressful for me.

    Side effects: No side effects