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We have 63 consumer reports for treatment of Depression with Baclofen. Depression used in 10% of cases.

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  1. Roger M. Fajardo says:
    2.0 rating

    Baclofen for Depression

    the medicines have little side effects

    Side effects: No side effects
  2. Charlie C. Lewis says:
    4.5 rating

    Baclofen for Depression; Alcohol addiction

    I came across baclofen after internet research on alcoholism and ordered it from Spain without a prescription. Half an hour after taking the greed for alcohol disappears. In acute cases, e.g. At parties, you should always have an emergency dose. I take a total of 40 mg every day, in the morning, afternoon and evening (in the evening I take 20 mg, because the greed is usually the greatest at this time). I’ve been dry for almost a month thanks to Baclofen. I feel no desire for alcohol anymore and do not even think about it. It helps, try it out. I am a completely new person. I can watch people drinking without it bothering me. I walk in the supermarket on shelves full of alcohol and I’m not interested. That was unthinkable in the past! What I did not know when I took it was that it also helps fight anxiety and depression (common causes of alcoholism). Against fears, the remedy helps very quickly, namely after a few minutes (that does not create an antidepressant). My depression has almost disappeared after nearly three weeks of taking and abstinence. Unfortunately, the drug is not approved in Germany against alcoholism. Either you have to order it via the Internet from Spain or an open doctor, who can feel the desperation of an alcoholic, who has prescribed it an off-label (fortunately make more and more doctors). Side effects: drowsiness, mild dizziness and lack of concentration in the first few days. PS: Contrary to many opinions, Baclofen does not make you dependent. I forgot a dose several times without having withdrawal symptoms. It is also not a placebo effect. Anyone who knows addiction knows how bad the greed is and if it were only a placebo effect, no false optimism in the world could dissuade one from not giving in to his addiction. Addiction is one of the strongest drive motors in humans. Some researchers assume that they are even stronger than hunger and thirst.

    Side effects: No side effects
  3. Mike A. Cureton says:
    4.5 rating

    Baclofen for Depression; Investigated; Alcohol addiction

    It’s strange, but was :)) For months, I drink one to two bottles of wine a day and consume about 5-10g of cocaine a week. For two days I have with baclofen (100mg) a day no more request. Neither after cocaine nor after alcohol. Sexual desire is severely limited, but not so bad. I feel a bit dizzy, my muscles are limp, my ability to concentrate leaves something to be desired, the circulation is not very stable … all in all, bearable. The voice control is in no way limited, the eyes are clear. I’m a bit fidgety, and I have strong urge to move, especially the legs are constantly bobbing. Doxipin does not help against cocaine and alcohol addiction. She is more paralyzing and debilitating and sometimes you are just too tired to call your dealer. When I feel a strong craving for cocaine, I took 100mg of doxipin and after half an hour, I did not want to move. But does not always help especially if the pressure is too high. – On the other hand, baclofen is a real panacea, because the pressure disappears … I can look to the future with confidence again. Baclofen is absolutely recommended. The urge for addictive substances is no longer present.

    Side effects: Dizziness
  4. Bobbi E. Rogers says:
    3.5 rating

    Baclofen for Depression; Investigated

    Sadly, Sertraline did not do much for me except that sexually nothing works for me. No sense of pleasure anymore, can no longer get an orgasm. Drop it for that.