Risperdal for Delusion treatment

We have 274 consumer reports for treatment of Delusion with Risperdal. Delusion used in 2% of cases.

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Risperdal Circle Diagram 5 consumers of 274 reported about Delusion

  1. Brian E. Cooper says:
    3.5 rating

    Risperdal for Delusion

    I started with 37.5 MG every 2 weeks (depot). In the beginning it did not work, even after 6 weeks, not really. In the time I was really dirty, it was a nightmare. Was upgraded to 50MG end of March and almost immediately from now on were my delusions (especially heartache) like blown away. It worked wonders for me! This phase lasted 5 months and was (I think) stopped by the increase. When the moment of the performance comes, then I just do not worry, it’s not scary anymore. I’m really pleased! Disadvantage is that I can fall asleep hard, but that does not matter because I get out of bed very well, it just makes you happy again, you understand? Otherwise, I do not hear any real side effects. Sometimes my heart rate is about 95 but thats okay 🙂 By then, head up

  2. Kelsey M. Williams says:
    2.5 rating

    Risperdal for Delusion

    I took risperidone for my delusions in the context of an affective disorder. First, I started with 0.5mg and then increased to 1mg daily. Has helped very well and fast!

    Side effects: No side effects
  3. Brenda E. Gilbert says:
    3.0 rating

    Risperdal for Dementia; Delusion

    My mother did not recognize me in part, slept almost the whole day, she ran aimlessly through the apartment at night and fumbled everywhere. Talked rather confused, heard voices and quarrels and ate very little. I took her to the clinic where, according to the doctor, she has been treated with Risperdal 0.2 mg daily for 5 weeks. When I visit her, she recognizes me, she is agile again, takes part in life and also wants to go back home. She still talks rather confused, but everything else has improved. I have not noticed any side effects, because the time is probably too short.

    Side effects: No side effects