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  1. Katherine M. Hawkins says:
    5.0 rating

    Seroquel for Concentration disorders; Mania

    Seroquel Prolong 400 mg, taken around 9 o’clock in the evening psychic effects: impairment of vitality, dynamism, determination, physical freshness, productivity, flow of ideas, imagination, mental agility and performance, inner freedom, etc. Everything seems slightly muted In the long run frustrating and hideous such a condition. I switched to another neuroleptic. That affected me even more. I stopped it and never used neuroleptics again. Regarding the mentality of thinking I have found non-drug-based ways to tackle it. Because of the depression, I take 300 mg valproate and 75 mg venlafaxine. But here too non-drug methods are more important than the drugs. Through non-drug methods, I develop myself personally. Sport is also physically healthy. The drugs lose their effect over time.

    Side effects: Sedation
  2. Cynthia N. Mantooth says:
    4.5 rating

    Seroquel for Concentration disorders; Depression

    Antipsychotics (first Seroquel, later Abilify) were the most horrible drug experience of my life. Horrible … Under Seroquel I had NO ideas anymore. I felt like my brain and mind were in chains, I felt inhibited and thinking slowed down, it was awful. The term chemical straitjacket fits it very well. And Abilify has caused me a terrible joylessness (also called anhedonia). No matter what I did, I absolutely did not enjoy it. In my worst depressive times it was not so bad. I swore never to touch NL again. I find it terrifying how a drug can take away so much creativity and individuality, vitality and initiative and that without making you tired. I was not tired of it. but otherwise the antipsychotics were paralyzing in every way. ————————————————– ———————– Seroquel for the treatment of concentration problems Because it can help against concentration problems, I have taken 600 mg of Seroquel Prolong for 7 weeks. I had NO ideas and under this condition I suffered a lot. Fatigue disappeared in 10 days, lack of ideas did not disappear. The withdrawal was a liberation. Klaus Windgassen in the Deutsches Ärzteblatt, issue 48/2004: “Under classical neuroleptics, on the contrary, psychological changes can occur which are often barely distinguishable from this [negative symptoms] and are therefore also called secondary negative symptoms. Patients may suffer from neuroleptic-induced affective depletion, more often there is still a decline in coagulative processes or a loss of spontaneity and trauma. Although these accompanying effects of neuroleptic therapy are completely reversible (as well as, as a rule, the physical side effects), they can considerably burden the patient. “I do not know if Seroquel belongs to the classic neuroleptics. In any case, the LETTERING describes exactly how Seroquel worked for me. Whether Seroquel helped me with the concentration, I can not say. I did not get any concentration problems after weaning until today (4 years later). I found out what was causing my concentration problems. Namely that too many worries have gone along. To make worries aware — & gt; Concern consciously pushing aside because I want to do this activity now — & gt; I can concentrate properly. The Seroquel was just awful, I had NO ideas anymore. How many incidents you have constantly, you only notice when that’s gone. Quite apart from the fact that I want to work in the thesis in a working group that develops new devices for analytics in chemistry, I have to bring in my own ideas. At the time, I also wrote a choir set for two gospel songs, for my church choir. This was no longer possible under Seroquel, I had no more melodies in my head. A horrible condition, something like that. No more Seroquel I could not laugh anymore under the influence of Seroquel. The round was laughing and I knew that normally I would laugh, but it did not work. It’s not under the influence of Seroquel. I suffered from joylessness because of Seroquel. Music gave me nothing more, sex has given me nothing more. It was generally difficult or impossible to develop positive feelings under the influence of Seroquel. More difficult than in depressive phases, which I have by nature, it is still better and more often than under the influence of Seroquel. I also suffer in depressive phases with joylessness, but not without gaps. There are always bright spots where I can look forward perfectly. The joyless that causes me Seroquel, is complete and therefore worse. I suffer more from the condition that Seroquel causes me than from the depressive phases. Because of the joylessness I got 30 mg Citalopram prescribed. But that did not help. Only settling Seroquel has benefited. ————————————————– ———————– Because of my complaints about Seroquel the clinician changed me to Abilify. I tolerated it even worse. One week seroquel washout, then 10 days without antipsychotics, then over 9 days creeping on Abilify 10 mg. The citalopram I have continued all the time. Here is the review of Abilify: ——————————————– —————————– Abilify for the treatment of depression and concentration problems I have

    Side effects: Slowdown
  3. Eric T. Hahn says:
    5.0 rating

    Seroquel for Concentration disorders

    So with me, I can describe the psychological effect of Seroquel as follows: I had almost no ideas. This had many other consequences, ultimately it has led over the weeks in the listlessness. As for emotional life, I came across a “glass ceiling” in terms of developing feelings on the upper level. I could not laugh anymore, the sexual experience was completely gone, the musical experience was limited. Since I have always come across a glass ceiling emotionally, when I wanted to laugh, to a relentless and very annoying barrier. (At the bottom, this barrier did not exist, fear, despair, grief, everything possible without restriction.) Other antipsychotics were worse and had other disadvantages. But even a lesser evil is still an evil, Seroquel was a bad drug experience. Besides, I was slowed down. That bothered me less. But it was nice to see how I get better and better in table tennis during the wash-out (gradual withdrawal within 10 days) 🙂 The fatigue was not a problem. I practically slept through the first 3 days of Seroquel. Then the tiredness slowly went away and after 10 days I had a normal need for sleep of 9 hours and was not tired during the day. Since then I have noticed the above-mentioned side effects only. After 4 weeks, it did not even look as if it was sleeping. Dose: There were 400 mg of Seroquel Prolong