Pravastatin for Cholesterol value increase treatment

We have 20 consumer reports for treatment of Cholesterol value increase with Pravastatin. Cholesterol value increase used in 70% of cases.

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  1. Richard M. Grossman says:
    4.5 rating

    Pravastatin for Cholesterol value increase

    When taking Crestor 20 mg, I got the following complaints: – headache attacks as in a Bing-Horton syndrome – masive muscle pain in the cervical area with radiations to the small and ring finger of the left hand – very shallow breathing – cramping in the Calf (lateral) and foot soles (Plantair), spasm in the right thigh (lateral) and right buttock muscle as in a posttrombosis syndrome – vasculitis with platelets and erythrocytes to the dermal area (also simvastatin) – Rapide degradation of the muscles in the Cervical spine lumbar spine Currently, I take Crestor 5 mg as the levels are only slightly above normal. but the dermal rashes reappear and will probably be in Concens with the doctor

    Side effects: Muscle aches
  2. John C. Higdon says:
    3.0 rating

    Pravastatin for Cholesterol value increase

    Veschiedene side effects, but mainly heartbroken with dropouts, IN REST CONDITION.Slutenlessness.Why no doctor is listening properly.Bei the heart doctor on the bike-everything in order.No interception, barely conversation.When doing the day so far.Blood pressure in acute conditions times high 200 to 1oo and suddenly completely unten.Frieren and strong vision disorder already for the third time.Habe ASS300 without asking the doctor halved by hand.Mal see what wird.Arzt does not have to know everything.With 70 anyway that does not matter.Also ready for Socially acceptable dying.JUST FUN.Would just like to grow old and live and experience something else. Thank you.

  3. Mark G. Carlisle says:
    3.0 rating

    Pravastatin for Cholesterol value increase

    The kk does not pay me the very well-tolerated and effective Crestor anymore, and about a year ago I had to switch to Pravastatin al 40mg, my doctor had prescribed me before another drug but of this I got sehstörungen.dann me the drug was prescribed, my values have since become very bad again, not to be more than bad. As an example from a specialist, my cholesterol LDL is recommended to be worth 100, and the hdl as high as possible. These values were recommended because of genetic heart disease of the whole family. Today, after about a year or so, my levels of LDL at 274 and Hdl 47 are again rising increasingly likely down to elsewhere. If there is anything else in their home that helps them better, only they know. For own private help I do not have the medium. Side effects often include headache, dizziness, nausea

    Side effects: Nausea