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  1. Melvin B. Rosenberg says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Chlamydia infection

    30 days 2x500mg / day Cipro (Ciprofloxacin) End of 2004 Personal experience during the duration of use: The drug relatively tolerated well, but in a few days joint jerking / swelling in the elbow joint, as well as easy pulling / pricking in the knee joints! Personal experience after taking: Muscle weakness, fatigue, fast physical exhaustion or listlessness, memory problems, these symptoms have improved only after 3-4 years! Main side effect and permanent damage: Osteoarthritis (destruction / damage or accelerated degradation of previously healthy cartilage in conjunction with joint jerks, especially under stress) In the period immediately after ingestion and over months, there was a strong increase in joint noise (cracking / crunching)! At high loads, e.g. Walking over 6KM at a stretch increases joint pain in the knee to inflammation of the joints and swelling starting at approx. 10KM! Typical features of an arthrosis! Before taking Cipro, I never had any problems with joint problems, even under stress. This limitation in physical activity / stress, in sports, and possibly in the workplace sometimes led to severe depression. Personal opinion: Ciprofloxacin and antibiotics from the category Fluoroquinolone / Gyrasehemmer (this includes moxifloxacin, etc.) are one of the most dangerous antibiotics and medicines for health! Unfortunately, this is usually only seen by independent pharmacologists and rheumatologists. In my opinion, many doctors, especially urologists, prescribe osteoarthritis by ciprofloxacin on prescription. Depending on the dosage and the duration of ingestion, more or less severe cartilage damage / degradation occurs in joints, such as joints. Knees, hips, elbows … If the dosage / duration is small, the effects may only be noticeable after 10 to 20 years; if the dosage / duration of intake is higher or very high, initial pulling, gagging and malaise will occur relatively quickly in the joint, which in the later course, which usually extends over many years, can turn into severe pain, especially with frequent or intensive strains. A later replacement by artificial joints is then almost inevitable. I can definitely say that Ciprofloxacin has destroyed parts of my life perspective or my quality of life. And completely unnecessary, the urologist had simply refused to prescribe me another antibiotic, but it was not a life-threatening disease, just a simple chlamydia infection of the ureters. Also, one must expressly warn against the danger of tendinitis and rupture (tear) of the Achilles tendon. Cipro attacks ligaments and tendons, which also aggravates possible osteoarthritis. I can not imagine that a sports doctor would ever dare, for example, to prescribe a football star Cipro. Recreational athletes are usually not asked or warned by their doctor. Personal tip: I would have never imagined in my life that an antibiotic can attack cartilage / ligaments / tendons. I wish I had never taken a pill. Inform yourself beforehand independently and may require other antibiotics, unless it is life threatening or the last resort, this is my advice! Healthy cartilage is extremely important, especially in old age! Resources: .fcgi? artid = 164164 Effects of ciprofloxacin and ofloxacin on adult human cartilage in vitro.

  2. Gordon E. Oxendine says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Chlamydia infection; Prostatitis

    extreme gastro-intestinal complaints, such as flatulence, increased bowel movements, diarrhea, tiredness, distended abdomen, impaired vision, emotional fluctuations, at dosage of 2x 500 mg extreme effects on the CNS, hardly noticeable at 2x 250 mg, lung fluttering ?, burning in the rectum,

  3. Theresa J. Goodell says:
    5.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Chlamydia infection

    Tendon pain. Through a 6-week intake of a chronic tendonitis (quinolone-induced tendinopathy) carried by it. See also I also had severe joint pain, was very tired, constant mild nausea and tears of the mouth.

    Side effects: Fatigue; Nausea; Joint pain