Prednisolone for Bronchitis (acute) treatment

We have 513 consumer reports for treatment of Bronchitis (acute) with Prednisolone. Bronchitis (acute) used in 2% of cases.

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  1. Donna J. Bailey says:
    4.5 rating

    Prednisolone for Bronchitis (acute)

    I got an unexpected severe bronchitis with an asthma attack …. unfortunately I may not cortisone because of my severe osteoporosis …… but with the agreement of my doctors I was allowed a shock therapy of 5 days a ’50 mg …… . because it could not be otherwise … not a thimble of air I could still breathe …. that was escalated …… this therapy has done me good … Without that, I would definitely have landed in the KH , I am grateful that my doctors have responded so … and I could stay home …. and have recovered well. Thanks to many dear nice children ……. with me …., to me … were present in thought ……. One thing I know. Of course I’ll die someday, too. But suffocate. That’s what I imagine terrible …….. The rest of the still missing to complete recovery. Are sun and love children around me. And laugh. Because laughing is healthy * G * lg Angelblack

    Side effects: No side effects
  2. Richard S. Gardner says:
    3.0 rating

    Prednisolone for Bronchitis (acute)

    Because I copd and my chest from the many coughing was very cramped I got Prednisolon.Hätte I would never takenPurest rat poison.Einnahmetag 1 2St.genommen much drunk after half an hour noticed o yes I’ve got there also a stomach , Day 2, ne liver is there too, Day 3, The excretions from the intestines and bladder are corrosive.Bekam Ge3lenkschmerzen of which I have not much, nausea until vomiting, food intake is not possibleWhere is the pill remainder? Put it in the box, at the pharmacist. It is indeed fasting but so I did not want.Hab the pills stopped down before 3Nase nose full I want to live longer. Headache I still have pimples with 70 do not care, the visual disturbances are crass all fog wall Sometimes I feel like my head is the globe and the neck of a match. There are also flavors. The damage done by the stuff outweighs the benefits.