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  1. Shayna C. Owens says:
    3.0 rating

    Seroquel for High blood pressure; Heart rhythm disturbances; Post-traumatic stress disorder; Borderline; Depression

    For over 4 months, I have taken the first 3 drugs mentioned above in the clinic. 400-500 mg Seroquel, initially 45, then 30 mg mirtazipine and 1-1.5 mg lorazepam. Initially, heavy weight gain (11 kg), continued hunger for sweets, meanwhile I have lost half of my hair. I have been suffering from hair loss for about 2.5 months, need more sleep and get up very hard in the morning. My liver values have been slightly elevated since taking the medication and must be constantly monitored.

  2. Sylvia D. Smith says:
    3.0 rating

    Seroquel for Bulimia; Personality disorders; Borderline; Psychosis

    at the beginning of drug therapy (125mg seroquel), hardly responsive. strong fatigue, drowsiness, weakness. There was a time until the effect was noticeable. today (900mg seroquel), the body has become quite accustomed to it, except the steady tiredness. I am always tired, my speed is limited, sometimes lack of concentration and slowed down responsiveness. unfortunately, the mood swings despite medication increasingly often and stronger.stimmen but rarely.

  3. Salvador M. Queen says:
    4.0 rating

    Seroquel for Dissociative disturbance; Mood swings; Borderline; Sleep disorders; Depression

    Seroquel 100mg help very well with my sleep disorders. Unfortunately, this tired-making side effect makes it impossible to take Seroquel over the day against mood swings and over-stimulation. Thank Heaven Seroquel Prolong is now. It works great and I have no side effects. Even less appetite I got. You take it for the night and you are fit the next day and yet it acts like a filter and has a mood-balancing effect. I’ve had many types of neuroleptics and many, many side effects. Especially I suffered from the feeling of being restless and immured and depressed. I do not have it all with Seroquel. I sleep like a baby from the normal Seroquel and am symptom-relieved during the day by the Seroquel Prolong 250mg. Unfortunately it is so unbelievably expensive …. How should psychiatrists do their patients justice when the better-effective drugs with fewer side-effects go beyond the budget ?!

    Side effects: No side effects
  4. John A. Montalvo says:
    3.0 rating

    Seroquel for Investigated; Drive disorders; Bipolar disorder; Borderline; Depression

    If I have all my medications, then I’m the happy person in the world, the only way I can spend the second half of my life meaningful and no longer give me with such nerve-wracking topics. From the median I have no special side effect, in comparison to an interferon therapy against hapatitic ict then considerably worse. I love you

    Side effects: No side effects
  5. Alice A. Boles says:
    2.5 rating

    Seroquel for Perceptual disorders; Borderline; Psychosis

    At the beginning, when I started with 25 mg, I did not have any side effects, but starting with 150 mg myocardial tachycardia started. I lay in bed and could not fall asleep suddenly I noticed my pulse all over my body. Of course, I immediately took a sister who then also measured my heart rate and blood pressure and my heart rate, although I was already half an hour quietly in bed, was at 170 and my blood pressure was also greatly increased. I then immediately got a pulse and blood pressure lowering agent. That made me feel better too. This was then every evening so now I take 600 mg and from now on also Prolong. Until now, these side effects have not gotten better I hope by the prolong because without the drug, I can not manage my everyday life and everything else …

  6. Myrtle E. Gavin says:
    3.5 rating

    Seroquel for Borderline; Sleep disorders; Depression

    I tolerate fluctin very well, however, I had difficulty with the blood pressure which was increased from time to time. Currently, however, it is again. Seroquel: depends enormously and for my job in the care actually not recommended to be really awake is around noon. With that I still have problems Trittico: Internal unrest has not improved from time to time even worse because I’ve dropped it Passedan: is herbal but it works .. And if I have internal unrest it works …

    Side effects: Blood pressure increase
  7. Richard A. Rhodes says:
    3.5 rating

    Seroquel for Borderline

    Seroquel a great drug. it calms and sedates! no major side effects, however, increases the fatigue and weight Lamotrigine in my opinion has reinforced my inner empty. In addition, with higher dosage to take care that you do not forget the intake. can come to forget about epileptic seizures. Abilify cruel. Compatibility is incredibly bad. Since then I always feel sick and I always feel like I’m about to get a fever. The doctors say it’s not because of it, but when I dropped it off a few days myself the complaints were over and when I took it again it started again. Cipralex a pure placebo. I personally have noticed no effect. i took cipralex alone for 5 months before i got my other medications. well, who believes in it! 🙂 At the beginning of the treatment, I got slight stomach intestinal problems.

  8. Mark R. Meehan says:
    3.5 rating

    Seroquel for Social phobia; Borderline; Depression

    The combination of 50mg sertraline in the morning and 50mg seroquel in the evening is doing me quite well. So far, only mild stomach problems, but I’m susceptible anyway. Increase in drive noticeable, the mood-enhancing effect or the slightly anxiolytic effect is now slowly starting in the 4th week of treatment. I am happy!

    Side effects: Stomach complaints
  9. Ruth K. Acosta says:
    4.5 rating

    Seroquel for Borderline

    Both drugs (Cipralex and Seroquel) were prescribed to me at the same time. Both were rapidly increased in dosage (Cipralex to 20mg and Seroquel to 50mg), but brought only slight improvement. Fairly severe side effects, especially total exhaustion, fatigue, weight gain, complete libido loss, extremely intense dreams, sweat attacks. Catastrophic withdrawal symptoms when not taking Cipralex for 5 days (dizziness, tinnitus, acute nausea, headache, irritability, etc.).

  10. Lillie J. Manning says:
    3.5 rating

    Seroquel for Pain (acute); Borderline; Sleep disorders

    have significant muscle pain, which is associated with physical weakness. even walking with my dog makes me problems. every step hurts me. In addition, there are allergies in spring until October. Breath problems Strong weight gain and heish hunger on sweet. make me very ill even the smallest work, how to make beds to qual. would like to discontinue all medication. but my doctor is against it.

  11. Marie O. Sthilaire says:
    3.5 rating

    Seroquel for Post-traumatic stress disorder; Borderline

    Hello, I’ve been taking Seroquel (1-1-1 or 2-2-2) and Zolpidem (1/2 tbl for the night) for years. The Seroquel dose will be adjusted to my current condition; more in times of crisis and less in good times. At first I was tired of it during the day, now my body has at least got used to the minimum dosage and I’m fine with it. Because I’m extremely sensitive to noise and in the evening like to start pondering, I get the zolpidem, which I also tolerate well. Best regards!

    Side effects: Daytime tiredness
  12. Mildred D. Kieffer says:
    4.0 rating

    Seroquel for Borderline; Sleep disorders; Depression

    Side effect Seroquel: heavy weight gain, heavy addiction (already after one week of use), lethargy, circulatory problems / breakdowns; Secondary reaction Tavor: no side effect Citalopram ratiopharm: only at the beginning of therapy: severe restlessness; only on discontinuation of therapy: severe restlessness, dizziness, malaise, poor reaction time, blurred vision, dry mouth, as if packed in cotton; Side effects Citalopram: only at the beginning of therapy: very strong clockness, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, increased blood pressure, nervousness, dry mouth; Side-effects during weaning: inner restlessness, malaise, withdrawal symptoms;

  13. Virginia D. Brown says:
    4.0 rating

    Seroquel for Borderline; Depression

    I went to the specialist for depression, was prescribed Tritico in small doses, and was sent to psychiatric rehab for burnout. There, Borderline was diagnosed. Despite 4 years talk therapy, change of lifestyle, good previous knowledge in psychology, high Selbstreflexionagrad and sports etc. it did not get better. Therefore I tried it with a stationary stay or a turn of behavioral therapy. Because of sleep disturbances I have been prescribed Seroquel XR 50 there. I took that two years now and my condition got worse. Recently, I understand the connections, Seroquel XR is deposed and I feel much better. Incidentally, borderline was also a misdiagnosis.