Zyprexa for Bipolar disorder treatment

We have 276 consumer reports for treatment of Bipolar disorder with Zyprexa. Bipolar disorder used in 5% of cases.

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  1. Clark H. Murray says:
    4.0 rating

    Zyprexa for Mania; Bipolar disorder

    At the beginning of treatment with Zyprexa I had a slight headache with dizziness. In addition, the treatment with Zyprexa increased my weight by about 15 kg, which is not so bad because I was underweight. The dizziness has passed by now. Actually, I am quite satisfied with Zyprexa. In manic episodes it helps me very well. But the depressive symptoms can be reduced by Zyprexa and I sleep much better, because Zyprexa also makes me a little tired.

  2. Michael M. Welsch says:
    4.5 rating

    Zyprexa for Bipolar disorder

    I take since 09.09 Zyprexa.I initially had 20mg and I have had drinking and gagging. (2-3 liters of sweetest juice and loads of food. Things that I did not like otherwise, I’ve shoveled into me. Piece by piece I have The dosage (in consultation with a doctor) reduced. Now it is so that my condition is deteriorating more and more. Was I previously funny and characterized by strong drive, it is now so that I am getting more and more depressed and have only negative thoughts haben.Sicherlich Not only does it have something to do with the drug, but also my basic life situation. Since I tend more to mania, my doctor refuses me another remedy, ie an antidepressant to prescribe. In addition to the depression, I am not endured by a tired fatigue In the evening around 20 o’clock, 21 o’clock I fall asleep sitting down, with or without TV and must be kept awake by my son or husband h have read a lot in the forum that can lead to death that drug, I am no longer sure that I want to take this at all and kann.Kurzlich I took the drug in the morning instead of evening and spent the whole morning on the sofa and slept. An unbearable condition and cycle from which I do not seem to come out …….

    Side effects: Depressions
  3. June W. Hagler says:
    3.0 rating

    Zyprexa for Bipolar disorder

    My experience with my cocktail from all these medications is basically good. I’m mentally stable and that’s really important to me. If only this terrible weight gain would not be, which I also can not get a grip on. In addition, for some months now, I have had water deposits probably coming from Zyprexa. In addition, my libido is totally in the basement (thank God I live alone and no one has to suffer). What can you do against this weight. Even if I hardly eat anything I can not handle it. Does anyone advice ?????????????? I would like to get rid of this cursed 20 kg.