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We have 274 consumer reports for treatment of Bipolar disorder with Risperdal. Bipolar disorder used in 6% of cases.

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  1. Derek M. Nixon says:
    3.5 rating

    Risperdal for Bipolar disorder

    – frequent aggressive breakthroughs despite medication in the home – or just because ??? -abrupt alternation between apathy and hyperbole – s.o. -extreme school backlog – could be made up with the help of a very experienced teacher relatively quickly in the domestic phase (between 1. and current home stay) -inflation – it took months, my son from the v. a. to wean at night necessary diaper! – Withdrawal of the first drug with the help of an experienced pediatrician, as no improvement in the school and home was to recognize – despite medication !!! – new school change at the end of 2004 after separation from stepfather needed. School was unable to integrate. -new diagnostics (stat.) and setting on Risperdal (03/05) followed by current home instruction. Despite all efforts on the part of all concerned, reports from school / institution about increased aggression breakthroughs repeatedly. a. in group context. – In Jan. 07 should be decided on medication with Dipiperon. – Need urgently information, where competent professional advice is to be obtained, because o.a. Points and suspicions on my part (on the basis of precise observations) the suspicion on the development of tardive Dyskenesien is certainly given and both sides are of the opinion of the King. Many Thanks!!!

    Side effects: Aggressiveness
  2. Beverly E. Devries says:
    4.0 rating

    Risperdal for Mania; Bipolar disorder

    My neurologist prescribed me 1 time in the evening before going to bed 0.25 mg risperidone. I noticed the effect after about half an hour. Strong nausea and headache, absolute loss of appetite with aversion to eating !!! I could not sleep well at night because of the nausea and headache. The next day, the loss of appetite was noticeable. In addition, a numbness and lack of drive. I still took the medication on the second day as prescribed, but on the 3rd day the nausea, headache, and loss of appetite were no longer sustainable! I then split the tablet and took 0.125 mg 1 x before going to sleep, the nausea, headache stopped at night. The lack of appetite has also improved significantly, food is possible, however, I’m pretty fast fed and then can not get down. If it stays that way I would be satisfied! To complain that the effect is not even throughout the day. Positive: after taking my mind is clearer, I have fewer manic seizures, no depressive mood, Aggresivität or irritability more. After I last took lithium and thus increased 20 kg, I am pleased if that would continue with the little hunger. Reported as soon as I clarified the reduced dose with my doctor and could gain new experience with the drug.

    Side effects: Anorexia; Nausea; Headache
  3. Suzy P. Andrews says:
    4.0 rating

    Risperdal for Sleep disorders; Bipolar disorder; Borderline

    With lamotrigine, I only caused a side effect at 150mg and 200mg. I then screwed down to 100mg. I’m happy with it-only I have the feeling that it does not really help. Mood swings have become less, but not so that the quality of life has increased. Had to take another neuroleptic: risperdal 0.5mg. Even at this low dose, I have been causing side effects: prolactin levels have risen (breast milk), weight gain (6kg), difficulty concentrating and a feeling of indifference, lameness (most of all NOTHING does the whole day). set it down now after 7 months. The settling has brought me no problems. Now take 150mg of Lamotrigine (100mg in the morning, 50mg in the evening) and Molipaxin to sleep, 50mg. No big side effects with Molipaxin (trazodone, like TRITTICO). Do not sleep though. Wake up in the night and need weigs until I can fall asleep. I also have eye pain. Feel great in the morning …