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We have 197 consumer reports for treatment of Asthma with Symbicort. Asthma used in 66% of cases.

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  1. Bobby C. Garcia says:
    3.0 rating

    Symbicort for Asthma

    Fungal infections of the oral and pharyngeal mucosa and now and then a deeper voice.

  2. Anna R. Altamirano says:
    4.5 rating

    Symbicort for Asthma

    About 17 years ago, I was diagnosed with asthma .. Medicines change and are (allegedly) getting better. I’ve landed at Symbicort for a few years now. Usually synonymous on a low dosage. I think it’s all o.k. However, now, for a week since I have to slightly more than double the dosage (currently having pneumonia), I realize that Symbicort (taking just 2 hubs 1 hour ago) makes me shaky and restless, my heart beats faster. Incidentally, I have always (even at low dosage such a scratch in my throat, but have no sore throat .. it is due to the spray, because this scratch feeling is currently stronger) My voice has become totally different anyway through the different sprays – is probably one usual side effect. On the phone I often hear the end of the conversation: Well, then get well soon (I explain nothing more, just thanks 😉 In addition, I have long felt that with my eyes, everything is worse .. an extra newly purchased Glasses will not improve. Yesterday asked the doctor if it can be symbiort (I suspect, otherwise I take no permanent medication or need me .. GSD!) Doctor says that the deterioration of vision could not lie symbicort, although the e. even described in the package insert under side effects. Strange! I stay on topic and go again to the ophthalmologist with the background knowledge.

  3. Theresa J. Griffin says:
    3.5 rating

    Symbicort for Allergy; Asthma

    I used to take Symbicort only sporadically and then I noticed that I got some red spots, i. E. the uppermost skin layer has detached. These stains take about 2 weeks to disappear, but every time I have a scar. Now it’s the case that I inhale Symbicort twice a day and now I have red spots all over my body for 2 weeks. These are getting bigger day by day and multiply very much. Unfortunately, one can find no indication of the side effects. My doctor probably meant lactose intolerance. But it can not be, because I almost exclusively of dairy products and have never noticed anything of an incompatibility.

  4. Twanna H. Franklin says:
    3.5 rating

    Symbicort for Heart rhythm disturbances; Allergic asthma bronchial; High blood pressure; Difficulty in breathing; Allergy; Asthma

    I took Procoralan 5mg regularly for about 8 weeks twice a day. Drug was prescribed after an infection of the bronchi, higher doses of cortisone by infusion. My pulse increased afterward, leaving me alone for 120-130 beats a minute. The drug has very quickly reduced the pulse, but the Nebenwikungen increased. I had frequent flashes of light and finally unacceptable muscle cramps in the whole body. However, my pulse after weaning, today 1 week … even without the medication again in the normal range.

    Side effects: Muscle cramps
  5. Sherry D. Gilbert says:
    4.0 rating

    Symbicort for Asthma

    For 2 years I take now Symbicort.20 kg I have more on the ribs. Way by meien job for 8 hours almost in the continuous run. (Nurse) Was in the people who eat on points, unfortunately only with very little success!!! In 12 weeks 2kg decreased, I have really stuck to everything ……………, followed only frustration, mental, no Freßgelüste. Tachycardia and shortness of breath under stress, I also know quite well.

  6. Marie S. Ochs says:
    3.0 rating

    Symbicort for Asthma

    The active ingredient – formoterol in both preparations has the following side effects – uncontrollable tremors all over the body during exercise and also during rest – concentration decreases – increased blood pressure – weight gain – 3 – 4 weeks after discontinuation of Symbicort slowed the symptoms slowly – in Oxis yet Experience – treatment not yet finished – will inform my GP and avoid this drug if possible

  7. Lloyd J. Hornberger says:
    3.0 rating

    Symbicort for Asthma

    short-term hypertension is resolved. apparently disturbances of the erection (not yet proven)

    Side effects: High blood pressure
  8. Debra L. Edwards says:
    4.5 rating

    Symbicort for Asthma

    In the course of treatment increasingly strong muscle pain, especially in the shoulder and neck area, but also in the legs and arms. This joint pain, which may also be due to the menopause (according to gynecologist). It takes morning until everything is set in motion again. Spasms during sports, but also occurring suddenly for no apparent reason. Visual disturbances, especially in the evening, blurred vision, difficulty in reading. Pressure in the head, especially behind the eyes. Lack of appetite, nausea. Often dry throat, aft. when speaking, occasionally associated with hoarseness

  9. Vanessa C. McAnulty says:
    3.5 rating

    Symbicort for Asthma

    I’ve had asthma bronchial for about 10 years, treatment with Symbicort with 2 stroke tomorrow’s, and 2 stroke evening. At Symbicort, no side effect has occurred. In addition, I was prescribed Singulair, which did not bring any significant improvement to my asthma, but massive hives aided by severe joint pain

    Side effects: Joint pain; Skin rash; Itching
  10. Roland D. Krogman says:
    2.5 rating

    Symbicort for Asthma

    Hi have M.B. Side effects under Humira at the moment very dry itchy skin. Dry mouth mucous membranes, and a sleep like a stone. The risk of suffering severe malignant diseases later is not clearly proven. But the medi does his job very well.

    Side effects: Itching
  11. Calvin M. Gause says:
    1.0 rating

    Symbicort for Asthma

    Gastrointestinal problems by Symbicort from the doctor, confirmed

  12. Samantha T. Corrigan says:
    2.0 rating

    Symbicort for Asthma

    After a short time began Hustenreiz, which I attributed because of my allergies not equal to the drug. Finally, during the daytime and especially in the evening, I had a hardly coughing sensation to cough, the constant feeling of having to cough up a bit. The larynx was constantly occupied and often my voice failed during the speech, which could be remedied only by hawking and coughing. My voice was clearly limited, I always had the feeling of being hoarse. The skin on my hands – disaster, like thin paper. I have discontinued the medication for 3 months now, my skin has improved, the dry cough is almost gone. In addition, I can also note a slight loss of body weight.

    Side effects: Cough; Voting change
  13. Elizabeth R. Mott says:
    4.5 rating

    Symbicort for Asthma

    Cramps again and again; Doctors negate my complaints cramping in the toe area, entire forefoot, calves, outer sides of the calves, thigh inside pages, recently in the hands.

    Side effects: Cramps
  14. Carl D. Thompson says:
    3.0 rating

    Symbicort for Asthma

    Strong sweating on exposure rash in the back of the knees as in atopic dermatitis, trembling of the hands in the morning and in the evening, mild sleep disorders associated with bad dreams, visual disturbances increase with dose increase to watch especially in the evening, slight increase in blood pressure sometimes tachycardia, constant body temperature increase in the day to just under 37.6 degrees, despite mouth rinses and repeated daily brushing after taking mushrooming in the mouth and sometimes also altered tone of voice and dry throat after getting up, no advantage Atemnots complaints more, ie I need no more spray! Even in bad weather and cold, there is no more shortness of breath. Apart from a few Pfeiffgeräuschen under stress and cold. I used to take a lot of salbutamol spray all the time, and I do not need it anymore. I can not report weight gain, rather decrease.