Amitriptyline for Arthrosis treatment

We have 293 consumer reports for treatment of Arthrosis with Amitriptyline. Arthrosis used in 1% of cases.

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  1. Jennifer T. Burris says:
    4.0 rating

    Amitriptyline for Arthrosis; Fibromyalgia

    The diagnosis of fibromyalgia came to my other illnesses 3 weeks ago, and with it the drug amitriptyline. My doctor treating me for the other diseases does not think either of the fibromyalgia or of the drug (he is a surgeon), he says, which intensifies antidepressants I do not feel that way. The infusions and the injections I get in the change every 2 days and just as long holds its effect. Only the tilidine I need right now. Not. The main effect that the extra amitritylin has on me is an infinite tiredness, which my doctor claims could not be, because anti-depressants would make it brightening. Nothing lightens up, but at least I can sleep painless … and that all the time …. oh yes, I can always eat, if I’m not too tired …

    Side effects: Appetite increase; Fatigue
  2. Alice F. Reynolds says:
    1.5 rating

    Amitriptyline for Arthrosis; Nerve damage; Sleep disorders

    In Tetrazepam is given after a short time a dependence which refers to the physical level and has nothing to do with the psyche here utmost care is required.

  3. Rosa J. Sutton says:
    4.0 rating

    Amitriptyline for Arthrosis; Pain (acute); Depression

    Because of my severe pain, I take Oxicodon 20 mg daily and then Oxicodone 20 mg every morning and evening. In the beginning I was thrilled because my pain was almost gone. I did not know that for years. After 1 year I had to increase to 40mg daily, as the pain came back. I know that without this medication, I could not stand my pain anymore, but meanwhile I have to struggle with the side effects. In addition to heavy constipation, tiredness, irritability, stomach problems and very strong sweats, I can concentrate very badly. Most of all, I struggle with strong withdrawal symptoms if I do not take Oxicodon punctually.