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  1. Sherryl S. Goodman says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Anxiety disorders

    I started taking Lyrika 75mg in the summer of 2015 and got it very well tolerated, my only side effects were drunkenness and severe fatigue about 1h after ingestion, but disappeared after 1-2 hours. Unfortunately my lyrics had no influence on my anxiety disorder, but my panic attacks became rarer and easier. I also occasionally take Lorazepam for panic attacks / severe anxiety. On my sixteenth birthday, I finally came to a day clinic and then decided to drop Lyric after half a year and get it under control. Have taken a week 50mg, then a week 25mg and next week, I leave it completely. Despite my low dose I have very exhausting withdrawal symptoms, I have totally manic behavior (I was told that in the clinic, I barely notice), I am very tense throughout, have sleep disorders and panic attacks, but everything should be normal. I can recommend Lyric insofar as I tolerated it well and helped it, but stopping is quite a struggle for me, but the end goal is to live without medication anyway.

    Side effects: Noise condition; Fatigue
  2. Matthew K. Walker says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Anxiety disorders

    Have a Benzodiazepinentzug after about 15 years of taking Xanor and Lexotanil behind me. In the withdrawal clinic, Lyrica was prescribed 375 mg daily after the physical withdrawal. Even in the clinic I had strong side effects such as staggering gait, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, memory blocks, fatigue, loss of taste and overall a zombie feeling. Despite repeated response of the responsible physician regarding the various sensations, Lyrica was not discontinued or another drug tried, but the dose increased. He just wanted to know if I still had panic attacks and because they had decreased, it remained despite the side effects at Lychar. Through the flower I was told that he already knew what he prescribed me. Since I was in his opinion not yet dismissive, I had to swallow the pills every day in front of the nurses probably. That was clearly disenfranchisement! After consultation with other patients, almost all Lyrica got in more or less dosage – regardless of whether it was alcoholic, tablet-dependent or depressive. My impression was that this drug was used like aspirin (probably had a lucrative contract with the pharmaceutical company …). After my release, I immediately tried to sneak Lyrica out. Because of that, it does not make it dependent. The greatest weaning symptoms of excessive sweating, rapid heartbeat, constant agitation, aggression to nervous ticking. Could not go down further than up to 225 mg daily. Now, with the help of my doctor, try to find a suitable alternative medication for generalized anxiety disorders. Conclusion: with a drug in the withdrawal clinic in and out with another out. Since I could have stayed the same with my Benzo’s, which have caused as a side effect, although strong fatigue, but the effect was really helpful and have brought me much more quality of life. Lyrica for me clearly much worse than Xanor @ Co !!!

  3. Jill S. Rocker says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Anxiety disorders; Sleep disorders; Fibromyalgia; Depression; Pain (chronic)

    Great site, thanks to all diligent writers !! I have 10 kilos in just 3 months through the above medicine combo. My doctor says that especially the mirtazapine is to blame. I have a constant and extreme feeling of hunger. I notice dizziness especially in conversation with other people (my concentration is lame something, not so associative, slight speech and word disturbance, feel limited in my Verbalität). In white and bright rooms it gets dizzy and dizzy, I feel like standing next to me. My tolerance level has also dropped since taking it and I would almost describe myself as slightly aggressive, although by nature I’m more forgiving. In my first few weeks, I felt drugged, unable to attend or follow any serious conversations. My anxiety is now severely curtailed, where the fear was before is now a kind of restless calm – what actually contradicts, feel a bit hollow and stony, my emotions are not the same as before. I also have adventurous dreams, I’m talking in my sleep lately. Now to the positive effects: My sleep has improved, I can sleep through again, am also accordingly fit during the day. I do not ponder before going to bed, but can relax, my fear has severely limited. My pain is completely RESILIENT- which I had never dreamed of having 21 before. I think the latter alone is enough to hold on to Lyrica. I appreciate every painless day now. My drive has come back again.

  4. Magali E. Johnson says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Withdrawal symptoms; Anxiety disorders; Epilepsy; Sleep disorders; Depression

    Because of Benzodiazepim a horror withdrawal in an addiction clinic behind me. The drug TAVOR expidet was prescribed to me by my family doctor because of severe multivamous panic attacks, which came over me right after the radiation phase of my breast cancer. I was desperately looking for a solution to the dependence on Tavor for 2 years, and finally got the drug Lyrica with some other tablets as (relief) in the withdrawal clinic. I take 300 mg a day, 150 mg in the morning and 150 mg in the evening, plus 2 x 25 mg of Valdoxan, 50 mg of Eutyrox and 20 mg of Propra. At first I was very excited about Lyrica because it helped me a bit over the withdrawal (understated), which means pain and anxiety, etc. – now I take this tablet for 6 months and I’m pretty unhappy with it. During the first month my eating habits changed, I gained weight (from 80 kg to 97 kg in 5 months), followed by confusion, dizziness, panic attacks, walking difficulties and speech disorders. I thought it was the aftermath of the tablet withdrawal from Tavor. But that is not so, because in the second month, these side effects were worse, I had to dress myself completely new, as I increased again a dress size. In the third month, confusion and speech disorders, muscle aches and muscle weakness increased. I also needed a size more clothes, Fressattaken, most of the greed on sweets, degenerate into the boundless, and no one can tell me how to get this under control, unless I need exercise and vegetables and eat fruit. A thing of impossibility, with this mixture of my prescribed tablets. Due to this drastic overweight that sticks to me like a foreign body, I also got additional joint pain in my knee (I have always been a very sporty person but now ..) and I can barely go up and down the stairs. I already have an uncertain walk because of Lyrica. Now my sugar has gotten mixed up and water is leaving pretty often even though my drinking volume is extremely low. Since this should not be a letter of infinity, I have to abbreviate. my side effects from the Lyrica-Valdoxan-Eutyrox-Propra Compound are: Blisters in the face-Bone pain-Muscle weakness and muscle pain- Bone pain- Joint pain- Confusion phase- Disappearance- Food addiction- Nausea- Libido loss- Liver values Increased- Insecure aisle- Heel burning- Water retention- ( also in the legs) Diarrhea-Speech disorders-Wortfindungsstörungen- Stiffness in the body- flatulence – Schlappsein- Zuckerspiegel conspicuous- inner restlessness- I would really like to sell this tablet, but knows that this brings back withdrawal symptoms, so I’m still waiting for to my appointment with my neurologist, perhaps to find a solution. I wish all of you good luck and perseverance here in the Sanego forum. WE CREATE THAT AGAIN! My question: Has anyone skipped Lyrica? what is happening ? Need info about stopping Lyrica and Valdoxan because I’m terrified of that time.