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We have 334 consumer reports for treatment of Anxiety disorders with Doxepin. Anxiety disorders used in 3% of cases.

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  1. Molly D. Moritz says:
    4.0 rating

    Doxepin for Post-traumatic stress disorder; Anxiety disorders; Sleep disorders; Depression

    Doxepin is still very new for me just 1 week. But I have not noticed any great side effects. I had Venlafaxin before. They are not recommended. They had to stop at once because I was so aggressive and restless. That was the hell 300mg at once, I’m still in Dillemer condition. My head feels like a microwave so it makes noise. I sweat and freeze at the same time. Still very aggressive and sensitive. I’m doing everyone hurt in my environment. The shirring is not even know why. Rivotril, help me if I’m not on withdrawal. They let me sleep a few hours without having bad dreams.

    Side effects: Withdrawal symptoms; Sweat
  2. Anna B. Barnes says:
    4.0 rating

    Doxepin for Anxiety disorders; Depression

    Citalopram: initial violent side effects: dizziness, dizziness, mud in the bud, increased anxiety, palpitations, sweating, loss of libido, no more orgasm possible Conclusion: side effects except for libido and orgasm problem resolved, drug works well !! Doxepin: No side effects, even in the early days. Conclusion: Recommended! Drug works well !! Lorazepam: at doses from 2 MG on an empty stomach Dizziness, dizziness, gait insecurity. Conclusion: always works, helps well, to recommend! Especially in the beginning with Citalopram together !!!

  3. Sarah R. Mack says:
    4.0 rating

    Doxepin for Anxiety disorders

    Hello. I took Doxepin a few years ago for a long time. At that time I found out that the drops quickly led to addiction and I could not leave the house without at least tasting the bitter taste … I got it from my doctor again, he said I should To start slowly (my body responds very well to medication), so I took 10 drops, after a few days there were strong states of confusion (I was in bed and did not remember why I have arms and legs …) I have she dropped off immediately and my condition improved quickly. Explanation of my doctor: There were overdose symptoms … For a long time I have left the fingers of it and started about 2 weeks ago … With 3 drops, then after one / two days with 4 drops, etc. Now I’m at 5 Drops and my emotions go through with me! I have increased anxiety, dizziness, confusion, tiredness … I will not take her, that’s it … off in the trash with it! Conclusion: Without this drug I was a lot better!

  4. Mark C. Ryder says:
    3.5 rating

    Doxepin for Anxiety disorders; Depression

    Fluoxetine in the context of Doxepin: Significant weight gain of over 20 kilos.Doxepin alone brings almost no nix.Hinterher discontinued and only taken fluoxetine! After stopping the Doxepin several years had Herzryhtmusstörungen.Beim you have to watch outright when you drop off Fluoxetine, little side effect, Apart from short taste changes (metallic taste in the mouth). Otherwise, fluoxetine, has little effect on anxiety, but again very good in depressive mood! Also, you ponder less!