Alprazolam for Anxiety disorders treatment

We have 100 consumer reports for treatment of Anxiety disorders with Alprazolam. Anxiety disorders used in 4% of cases.

Patients statistics on Anxiety disorders for Alprazolam


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5′ 3″
5′ 10″

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Alprazolam Circle Diagram 4 consumers of 100 reported about Anxiety disorders

  1. David D. Hodges says:
    3.5 rating

    Alprazolam for Anxiety disorders

    Alprazolam is used responsibly (not abusively) for the treatment of anxiety, anxiety and sleep disorders. No side effects.

    Side effects: No side effects
  2. Ramon M. Vasser says:
    4.0 rating

    Alprazolam for Anxiety disorders

    At the beginning of treatment highly euphoric, because again quality of life. After 6 weeks, a slight headache (very rare) and double vision. Since substituted with 4.5 mg / d … what to settle for? The patient with the driver’s license … my condolences! At Teva, 1.0mg e.g. is explicitly, it would be at the discretion of the patient (driving ability self-assessment), so I would appeal the verdict with the help of medical assistance – AD’s in my view, rarely an alternative. I.Ue. basically puts a fatigue every driver in a legal gray area, or a sneeze attack in case of a cold … strange regulatory office …

    Side effects: Headache
  3. Troy M. Guinn says:
    3.0 rating

    Alprazolam for Anxiety disorders

    In the job I have to do a lot and show a lot. The drug helps not to see everything so grim and has alleviated my fear of failure. I take 1-2 tablets before each lecture. Side effects with me are: severe tiredness in the evening and prolonged ingestion for several days behind each other headache.

    Side effects: Headache; Fatigue