Amoxicillin for Angina tonsillaris treatment

We have 760 consumer reports for treatment of Angina tonsillaris with Amoxicillin. Angina tonsillaris used in 3% of cases.

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  1. Ashley D. Goff says:
    5.0 rating

    Amoxicillin for Angina tonsillaris

    After 7 days nausea, vomiting, Mild fever, tiredness, fatigue. After 9 days rash, hives all over the body, itching all over the palms and scalp. Swollen, reddened face.

  2. Steven S. Love says:
    4.5 rating

    Amoxicillin for Angina tonsillaris

    Extreme rash on the WHOLE BODY (even in the navel, on the nipples, behind the ears), swelling of the face (including lips) from all this is followed by great mental stress, almost nervous breakdown. The rash has spread from the abdomen all over the body, is now (after 1 week) of the face, neck, décolletage, abdomen and back away, but spreads on the legs and slopes again … Can the new rash Be a sun allergy? My skin is so sensitive now and the sun is shining so much. I cover everything that goes, through clothes, but the hand and foot can not hide at the moment … Or is that a kind of relapse?

    Side effects: Face swelling; Skin rash
  3. Heather S. McLaughlin says:
    2.0 rating

    Amoxicillin for Respiratory infections; Angina tonsillaris

    I had similar symptoms. 1 day after discontinuation of the antibiotic I got palpitations and stinging left (heart symptoms?). The blood pressure was only at 170/102, but otherwise I tend to low. There were sweats, trembling and fear. The following day I got a real attack, the emergency doctor found a blood pressure of 220/120 and I came to the hospital. There I was checked from head to toe, nothing could be found. So guess that it’s psychic. For 2 days I have also the typically described rash on feet and the rest of the body. Now take antihypertensives, but the pain in the chest is still there.

  4. Ronald L. Baldwin says:
    4.5 rating

    Amoxicillin for Angina tonsillaris

    I was already the next day after taking CLEARLY better. No more fever and shivering, I was able to talk again, the first time since the beginning of the disease 3 days ago I slept well again. The first time again enterprise. Now on day 4 I am steadily better, the tonsils and the throat are now also visibly abated. So far NO side effects. PS: What’s that for a page, where instead of the neutrally announced experiences only those people who have a side effect report?

    Side effects: No side effects