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  1. Deshawn N. Lopez says:
    3.5 rating

    Topamax for A headache

    I take the Topamax in the evening, starting with 25mg, which I have increased weekly (had 🙂 – up to now 100mg (possibly it could still be increased to a maximum of 400mg per day, but then in 2 cans, tomorrow /Eve). – As it seems, but I will not do that, because with me the drug unfortunately not at all strikes, positive, I mean! How I would like to have at least weight loss as a desired side effect 😉 Otherwise, I suffer increasingly from depressive moods, inner restlessness, difficulty concentrating, headaches, noise and photosensitivity, etc. – Where I must add, I can not say whether it is is actually about side effects or just about the continuation of my 16-year history. In addition, I often think that I’m simply resistant to some meds. My God, what have already pumped everything into me …

  2. Iva J. Solano says:
    5.0 rating

    Topamax for A headache; Migraine

    Topiramate25 (Topamax) for almost 1 year! SATISFIED!!! No migraine with aura more !!! Headache partly only during the period !!! Earlier every 2 days !!! And in case of stress the seizures with aura and paralysis !!! Today I can count the headache on one hand a month !!! I already wrote a report about a year ago! Meanwhile, I can say more about it! I take a topiramate25 every day! Of course my body had to get used to it and I had dizziness and sweating and tingling for about 2 weeks! That’s gone but gone !!! The tingling you get well away with BANANA food :-)! I have a different attitude to life !!! So far no attack !!! And if I have Kofschmerzwn then in the time when I have my period (but can work with it) which was hardly possible in the past and when I am cold! Otherwise I’m fine !!! I also drink 2 liters a day and try to reduce stress! I’m doing great!!! Incidentally, the same appetite as before 😉 You should try it!

    Side effects: Tingle; Dizziness
  3. Joseph C. Meyer says:
    5.0 rating

    Topamax for A headache

    After having had a bad headache almost daily for about 2 weeks, the doctor prescribed the Topamax for 3 months as a cure. I started with 25 mg, which did not help, only when I increased the dose to 50 mg on the advice of the doctor, the daily headache disappeared. The side effects came slowly. Loss of appetite, diarrhea, nausea and with time more and more fatigue. Could concentrate badly and became more and more forgetful. Has recurrent violent palpitations (with normal blood pressure) and came in the smallest effort (Treppesteigen) in respiratory distress. At night I often woke up because my feet were tingling, my heart was thumping, or I had cold sweats. It got worse every day until I could not get out of bed for the last few days. The morning shower had gone so hard that I had to lie down again. Since I could not muster the strength to cook, I wanted to put at least one pizza in the oven for my children. To bring the pizza from the cellar into the kitchen had triggered tachycardia and breathlessness. Suddenly I realized that I was getting dizzy, the hands and feet began to tingle and became numb, my whole body was vexed. Could just alert the emergency call before I could no longer hold the phone and lie on the kitchen floor with numb arms and legs. Of course, I was panicked and thought, now everything is over. The spasm resolved, however, again after about 10 minutes (with the arrival of the ambulance). I was checked for safety in the hospital, but heart, lungs, everything o.k .. The doctor said it could have been very good the side effects of Topamax and I should leave it out. Do not take it for 2 days anymore and feel like a new person! Today I even cooked and cleaned again, no racing heart any more and my head does not feel as heavy as lead!

  4. Kathryn K. Costello says:
    3.5 rating

    Topamax for A headache; Migraine

    Complete loss of libido, which continues even after discontinuation four months ago. In the last year of taking a strong headache and reinforcing my migraine attacks in duration and frequency. Then the Topamax (anti-epileptic, also migraine prophylaxis)) did not strike at all – almost nine months I took it for nothing, because the hormones have neutralized the effect. After discontinuing Valette, the condition normalizes slowly, but I am still far from being healthy. I also had a red stroke (cerebral hemorrhage) at the age of 41. I think 27 years of taking hormones were probably not the true thing … The side effect can be quite deadly.

    Side effects: Libido loss; Headache