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We have 105 consumer reports for treatment of A headache with Kamagra. A headache used in 4% of cases.

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  1. Mary F. Gamboa says:
    2.0 rating

    Kamagra for A headache

    Effect on men and women is equally noticeable within 30 minutes after ingestion BEFORE eating. Approximately 3 hours after taking a headache, eye pressure in both, additional trembling at IHR. Nevertheless, we would repeat the intake.

    Side effects: Headache
  2. Will C. Fox says:
    4.5 rating

    Kamagra for A headache

    I had bought the Kamagra 100mg and also tried to know if it works. Super awesome erections get and super sex several times in a row. From after the sex or it started with dizziness, redness, hot flashes and 3 hours later, an animal heartburn and that for several hours schon.Habe it even today although the intake was one and a half days ago. Now, even the strong headache come to a pity that I have paid so much money. With such side effects, I would not have expected or maybe you dose just too high ??